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Business Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance for companies (excesses apply)

Protect all of the gadgets that are central to your business – from the laptops and desktop PCs at the heart of your office to the smartphones and tablets that power your mobile workforce.

  • Protect as many gadgets as needed
  • Get unlimited repairs
  • Insure 3 or more gadgets and get 15% off
  • Manage your account online

We have sold more than

one million

Protect Your Bubble policies in the UK, US and Ireland


Important Information

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Cover features

Accidental demage

All types of gadgets

We can protect all of the gadgets that are central to your business, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, TVs and more. Cover as many gadgets as you need, and manage everything online.

Accidental demage

Drops & accidental damage

We repair more than 1,700 gadgets per month on average. If you drop it – or the screen gets cracked – it's covered.


More than 250,000 mobile phone thefts* are reported in the UK every year. We cover you against theft as standard.

Accidental demage

Spills & liquid damage 

Drinks and bathrooms can be deadly for a device. If it gets accidentally dunked, don't worry – it's covered.

Loss and theft

Worldwide usage

Planning work trips for your team? Our policy includes worldwide coverage. (Replacements will only be sent to UK addresses.)

Mechanical breakdownMechanical breakdowns

Blank screen? Broken button? If it breaks down after the manufacturer's warranty runs out, it's still protected.

Loss cover (optional)

Get covered for loss for an extra £1.50 per month, per gadget. (Not available for laptops, MacBooks,TVs, desktop PCs or PC monitors.)

*Source: National Mobile Phone Crime Unit 2015


Important information

Accidental demage

Your eligibility 

You must be 18 years or older and a UK resident to purchase a policy.

Loss and theft


There's no limit to how many times you can claim for damage, but you are limited to two (2) theft/loss claims per year, per gadget.

Mechanical breakdownYour gadgets' eligibility

Your gadgets must be fewer than 36 months old, and either have been purchased as new directly from a manufacturer, network provider, or a retail store (high street or online), or if refurbished, have been purchased directly from a manufacturer or network provider (not from an online outlet or high street retail store).

Reasonable precautions

We expect you to take reasonable precautions to keep your gadgets safe from theft, loss or damage. If you fail to do so, your claim may not be paid.



Note: excess payments cannot be made via American Express or PayPal.

Loss and theft

For theft & damage claims:

  • Laptops & Macbooks – £75
  • iPhones & mobile phones – £50
  • iPads – £50
  • Tablets – £25
  • All other gadgets – £25
Loss and theft

For loss claims:

  • Laptops & Macbooks – N/A
  • iPhones & mobile phones – £75
  • iPads – £75
  • Tablets – £50
  • All other gadgets – £50

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Cover your business gadgets with Protect Your Bubble

How many laptops, smartphones, desktop PCs and tablets does your work force currently use? When you imagine the costs of replacing such gadgets in the event of an accident or theft, as well as the cost of lost productivity while your staff goes without them, the expense can really add up. 

With Business Gadget Insurance from Protect Your Bubble, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that all of the devices your work force uses are covered in case of accidental damage, breakdowns, liquid damage and theft. You can also get extra protection by adding loss cover for an extra £1.50 per month, per gadget. (Loss cover is not available for laptops, TVs, desktop PCs or PC monitors.)

The best part? If you insure three or more gadgets, you'll get 15% off your policy price – including any loss cover costs. 

Getting a quote for your gadgets is easy – just enter the information for all of the devices you'd like to cover, and you'll see your projected monthly price in seconds.

Think Business Gadget Insurance sounds like a smart purchase?

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