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Fraud Policy

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Please click on the link below to read our current Gadget Insurance Fraud Policy.

Protect your bubble Gadget Insurance

– our policy on Fraud


Fraudulent claims cost the UK insurance industry millions of pounds a week and this pushes up the average premium that you, the consumer, has to pay. As a result, we treat all instances of fraud very seriously and if discovered we will report them to the police and relevant authorities.

If you knowingly defraud or deceive an insurance company, file a claim containing any false, incomplete or misleading information you may be guilty of a crime. It is to your benefit and ours that we aim to minimise the volume of fraudulent claims by ensuring that certain checks are carried out as part of our claims process.

For transparency, we have detailed the types of checks we make below:

  • We will contact the network providers to confirm reporting, blacklisting and dates of usage of all mobile devices
  • We will verify Crime Reference Numbers and Lost Property details with the Police
  • We will make documentation checks including, but not limited to proofs of purchase provided
  • Our claims handlers will carry out detailed over the phone investigations into the circumstances of each claim and we may ask you to complete a form detailing those circumstances
  • We will liaise with our repair partners to ensure damage/breakdowns are consistent with circumstances provided
  • We will communicate with other insurers and industry groupings to share information and best practice
  • We will use online tools/databases, such as Patriot, to view previous claims history and/or usage
  • We may arrange for our investigators to visit those we suspect of fraud to discuss the circumstances of their claim
  • We do use sophisticated technologies including, but not limited to GPS tracking/Lie Detection software/Remote monitoring of device activity