We accept the following forms of payment:

Family Gadget Insurance

From just £12.99 per month* (excesses apply)

Insure 4 or more of your family’s gadgets – all under one policy.
After the fourth item, it’s simply an extra £3 per month for each additional gadget, up to a maximum of 10.

  • Protect up to 10 of your family's gadgets
  • Covers theft, liquid damage, cracked screens & more
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Live customer support (right here in the UK!)

*Price without loss cover for four gadgets. Exclusions and limitations apply.


ID Theft Protection

Get unlimited access to your Equifax credit report with Digital Secure – an optional extra that helps you prevent ID theft, helps detect it early and can help resolve any issues should it happen. Add it for only £1.99 a month, no matter how many gadgets you insure.

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Keep your identity secure for just £1.99 a month

Insuring your gadgets can protect them against damage, theft and breakdowns. But what about protecting yourself against the theft of your personal data and identity? Protect yourself against identity theft with Digital Secure, featuring:

Online Credit Report Access – provided by Equifax

We give you unlimited access to your credit report online, including automatic alerts if there are any key changes to your credit report and status that could hint at fraudulent activity.

Web Detect – provided by Equifax

Web Detect alerts you if your personal and financial data is being shared online (like if someone is trying to sell it). If this does happen, our ID Fraud Helpline is there to help.

ID Fraud Helpline

If the worst comes to the worst and you find yourself a victim of ID Fraud, we’ll assign you a dedicated caseworker to help you along every step of the way.

Card Support 365

Register your payment cards in one place – so you only have to call one number to cancel all of them should they be lost or stolen. Where possible, we can order replacements, too.

Legal assistance – powered by Law Match

You’ll get access to legal support and free consultations on a wide range of subjects from a list of carefully selected solicitors.

Get more details about Digital Secure >


Snap Secure

When you buy a Gadget Insurance policy, you'll get the all-in-one Snap Secure app FREE for 1 year – a £69.99 value. The app includes 100GB of cloud backup, anti-virus protection, data security and more.

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Cover features

Accidental demage

You and your family

Insure gadgets owned by your mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild who permanently live at the given address (as well as sons or daughters living away for some of the year whilst at College or University).

DropsAll types of gadgets

We can cover up to 10 of your family's gadgets – including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, TVs, games consoles, cameras and more – under one plan.

Accidental demage

Drops & accidental damage

We repair more than 1,700 gadgets per month on average. If you drop it – or the screen gets cracked – you're covered.


More than 250,000 mobile phone thefts* are reported in the UK every year. We cover you against theft as standard.

Accidental demage

Spills & liquid damage 

Pools, drinks and bathrooms can be deadly for a device. If it gets accidentally dunked, don't worry – you're covered.

Loss and theft

Worldwide usage

Keep your gadget with you while you travel: our policy includes worldwide coverage. (Replacements will only be sent to UK addresses.)

Mechanical breakdownMechanical breakdowns

Blank screen? Broken button? If your gadget breaks down after the manufacturer's warranty runs out, you're still protected.

Loss cover (optional)

Get covered for loss for an extra £1 per month, per gadget. (Not available for laptops, MacBooks,TVs, desktop PCs or PC monitors.)

*Source: National Mobile Phone Crime Unit 2015


Important information

Accidental demage

Your eligibility 

You must be 18 years or older and a UK resident to purchase a policy.

Loss and theft


There's no limit to how many times you can claim for damage, but you are limited to two (2) theft/loss claims per year, per gadget.

Mechanical breakdownYour gadget's eligibility

Your gadget must be fewer than 36 months old, and either have been purchased as new directly from a manufacturer, network provider or retail store (high street or online), or if refurbished, have been purchased directly from a manufacturer or network provider (not from an online outlet or high street retail store).

Reasonable precautions

We expect you to take reasonable precautions to keep your gadget safe from theft, loss or damage. If you fail to do so, your claim may not be paid.



Note: excess payments cannot be made via American Express or PayPal.

Loss and theft

For theft & damage claims:

  • Laptops & Macbooks – £75
  • iPhones & mobile phones – £50
  • iPads – £50
  • Tablets – £25
  • All other gadgets – £25
Loss and theft

For loss claims:

  • iPhones & mobile phones – £75
  • iPads – £75
  • Tablets – £50
  • All other gadgets – £50
  • Laptops & Macbooks – N/A

Read more about Family Gadget Insurance

Keep things simple with Family Gadget Insurance

With everything going on in your family, it's likely that a gadget or two will fall victim to spilled tea, drops on the bathroom floor or accidental dunks in the bath. And that's not counting the unexpected blank screens and broken buttons that can befall any well-used gadget. 

This all might sound complicated, but there's good news: Family Gadget Insurance from Protect Your Bubble can cover up to 10 of your family's gadgets, all under one policy. For just £12.99 a month, you can keep four of your family's mobiles, tablets, laptops, TVs and more covered against accidental damage, mechanical breakdowns and theft. From there, it's just an extra £3 per month for each additional gadget you'd like to insure. 

And if you want even more added protection, you can add loss cover for each of your gadgets for just £1 extra per gadget, per month (though it isn't available for laptops, MacBooks, TVs, desktop PCs or PC monitors). 

Think gadget insurance would be a good fit for your family?

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