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Family Gadget Insurance

Family Gadget Insurance

Cover your family's gadgets from just £12.99 per month

Insure 4 or more of your family’s gadgets – all under one policy. After the fourth item, it’s simply an extra £3 per month for each additional gadget (you can insure a maximum of 10). 

Family Gadget Insurance includes:

  • Accidental damage, theft and breakdown cover
  • Optional Loss cover for an extra £1 per month per gadget*
  • Worldwide coverage (for up to 180 days a year)

*Loss cover is not available for Laptops, MacBooks, TVs, Desktop PCs and PC Monitors.  Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information on what is covered under loss. 


ID Theft Protection

Get unlimited access to your Equifax credit report with Digital Secure – an optional extra that helps you prevent ID theft, detect it early and fix any issues should it happen. Add it for only £1.99 a month, no matter how many gadgets you insure.

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Keep your identity secure for just £1.99 a month

Insuring your gadgets can protect them against damage, theft and breakdowns. But what about protecting yourself against the theft of your personal data and identity? Protect yourself against identity theft with Digital Secure, featuring:

Online Credit Report Access – provided by Equifax

We give you unlimited access to your credit report online, including automatic alerts if there are any key changes to your credit report and status that could hint at fraudulent activity.

Web Detect – provided by Equifax

Web Detect alerts you if your personal and financial data is being shared online (like if someone is trying to sell it). If this does happen, our ID Fraud Helpline is there to help.

ID Fraud Helpline

If the worst comes to the worst and you find yourself a victim of ID Fraud, we’ll assign you a dedicated caseworker to help you along every step of the way.

Card Support 365

Register your payment cards in one place – so you only have to call one number to cancel all of them should they be lost or stolen. We can order replacements, too.

Legal assistance – powered by Law Match

You’ll get access to legal support and free consultations on a wide range of subjects from a list of carefully selected solicitors.

Get more details about Digital Secure >


Snap Secure

When you buy a Gadget Insurance policy, you'll get the all-in-one Snap Secure app FREE for 1 year – a £69.99 value. The app includes 100GB of cloud backup, anti-virus protection, data security and more.

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You and your family

Insure gadgets owned by your mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild who permanently live at the given address (as well as sons or daughters living away for some of the year whilst at College or University).

Accidental demage

Drops & accidental damage

We repair more than 1,700 gadgets per month on average. If you drop it – or the screen gets cracked – you're covered.


More than 250,000 mobile phone thefts* are reported in the UK every year. We cover you against theft as standard. 

Accidental demage

Spills & liquid damage 

Pools, drinks and bathrooms can be deadly for a device. If it gets accidentally dunked, don't worry – you're covered.

Loss and theft

Worldwide usage

Keep your gadget with you while you travel: our policy includes worldwide coverage for up to 180 days a year.**

Mechanical breakdownMechanical breakdowns

Blank screen? Broken button? If your gadget breaks down after the manufacturer's warranty runs out, you're still protected.

Unauthorised calls

Optional extras 

Get covered for loss for an extra £1 per month, per gadget.*** And get extra identity protection with Digital Secure for an extra £1.99 per month. Find out more>


*Source: National Mobile Phone Crime Unit 2014
**Please note replacements will only be sent to UK addresses
***Loss cover is not available for laptops, MacBooks,TVs, desktop PCs or PC monitors.

If you pay for your policy on a monthly basis, you will be required to pay the premium for the remaining term of the 12-month contract before we can authorise any claim.

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Family Gadget Cover Includes:

CRACKED SCREEN: Whilst we can’t do anything about scratches, most gadget from your phone to your digital camera have a screen that can get cracked. That’s why we cover you for cracked screens.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: The more gadgets you have – and the more people using them - the bigger the chance of an accident. Accidents happen but we’ve got them covered.

LIQUID DAMAGE: From a tumble into the toilet to a cascade of coffee we’ll be there if your gadgets suffer liquid damage.

THEFT: We know you will look after yours but it’s a sad fact of life that gadgets get stolen. Provided you don’t leave them around unattended all you have to do is report the theft to the Police and we’ll  do our best to get yours replaced as quickly as possible.

BREAKDOWN: The more gadgets you have the more can go wrong. But we’ve got you covered for breakdowns outside the manufacturers warranty.

OPTIONAL LOSS:  If you use it, you can lose it. So you can add loss cover for only £1per month per gadget.   

UNAUTHORISED CALLS:  if your phone is stolen and unauthorised calls made we’ll pay up to £100 towards the cost, as long as you report it stolen to your network provider within 72 hours.

TRACK REPAIRS ONLINE: If your gadget is with us for repairs you can keep track of progress online.

WORLDWIDE COVER: If you’re taking your gadgets overseas  our policy is automatically extended to include cover anywhere in the world up to 90 days in total during the policy year.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS: Pay upfront by credit card or use Direct Debit to spread the cost over the year. We take PayPal too.

3 Top tips for taking care of your family’s gadgets

Different gadgets take different measures to look after them… but there are some common precautions you can take which all gadgets will benefit from.

Screen Care

Nearly every gadget has a screen on it that’s vital to its use. Most of us are aware of the danger of cracking your mobile screen, but laptops, games systems like the PSP, and DS lite, even digital cameras, can all suffer too. You can get low costs plastic film screen protectors for all these devices to protect from scratches and sticky fingerprints! Cleaning screens is a good idea, use a microfiber cloth, but don’t use artificial cleaners unless they are specially made for the type of screen in question.  It sounds obvious but don’t put too much pressure on the screen with your fingers, and don’t leave the screen exposed to direct sunlight for long periods either.

Sun Protection

No one has invented a sun block for gadgets yet… but it makes sense not to let them get to hot as this can affect the battery, performance and, as mentioned above, the screen. Gadgets left in hot cars are especially susceptible to overheating… and are a real target for thieves too. That’s worth remembering if the kids are taking their games consoles with them on trios as some extra in-car entertainment!

Knocks and drops

Gadgets, whether they’re at home or out and about with you, are going to get knocked and dropped. If you accept that it will happen then it makes sense to do something about it – like buying a protective case. They are available for just about every type and shape of gadget.

Of course you can’t protect your gadgets against every eventuality. That’s why protecting yourself – and your pocket – with gadget insurance, makes sense. With Protect your bubble you can cover your gadgets in minutes.

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