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BlackBerry Insurance

BlackBerry Insurance from just £1.49 a month*

Where would you be without your BlackBerry? These days, we rely on our gadgets more than ever before - get it covered with cheap BlackBerry insurance from Protect Your Bubble.

Insurance from Protect Your Bubble covers your BlackBerry against:

  • Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage)
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
  • Loss – an optional extra
  • Covered worldwide (for up to 180 days a year)

*Based on cover without loss for a mobile worth up to £150 

We have a 4.8-star

Google rating

We have sold over


policies in the UK and US combined


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Accidental Damage  

From cracked screens to full on smashes we protect you.  In 2013 we repaired more than 1100 items each month. If we find the damage is not repairable we will replace your BlackBerry.

Loss and theftTheft  

826,000 mobile thefts happen each year - over 2,200 a day or more than 7 every five minutes (2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales).

Mechanical breakdown


We’ll cover you if your BlackBerry malfunctions after the warranty from the manufacturer expires.

Unauthorised callsUnauthorised Usage

We pay for calls and data used up to a value of £100 between when your phone is lost or stolen and when you blacklist it.  Just please do this within 72 hours.

Optional losOptional Loss  

Ever just forgotten to pick it up when in a rush?  For an extra £1.50 per month (only 5p a day) we protect against loss.

Worldwide coverWorldwide Cover 

We know your BlackBerry goes wherever you do. So our cover does too for up to 180 days a year.

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Keep up to date with BlackBerry

The world of BlackBerry is great for business or personal use. Here's our guide in keeping you up to date with the latest technology.


BlackBerry App World

Download free and paid apps on your BlackBerry. Some of our recommendations include: 

Photo Studio - A free app that is for both amateur and professional photographers who want powerful image processing. Turn your mobile into an editing studio. 

Interactive Pattern Lock with unique Lock Themes - Set your own secret pattern to unlock your phone. This will help you in pressing keys whilst it's in your pocket! Simply swipe the correct pattern with your finger to unlock. 

BlackBerry Protect - A free app designed to keep your personal info secure and locked up. It's helpful if your phone is stolen or was to go missing. 

Radio for BlackBerry - Search over 55,000 talk and music radio stations at a touch of a button. Handy to keep you fully entertained wherever you are. 

squeak on phoneThe latest operating system is BlackBerry; 7.1 OS. New features include: 


  • Battery Saving Mode: The latest smartphone reduce the power usage when necessary to ensure that the battery life is used to its full capacity.
  • BlackBerry Tag: You can invite friends to share contact info, documents, photos and videos with a simple tap of your devices.
  • Mobile Hotspot: All you need is a 3G network which then allows you to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to enjoy internet usage on your laptop or tablet.
  • Mobile Media Server: You can wirelessly connect your smartphone to a games console and share pictures or music for example on a big TV.
  • FM Radio: Tune into FM stations from virtually anywhere. Listen to talk or music programmes on the move!

You'll be pleased to know that we insure all BlackBerry handsets providing it is less than 12 months old. Get a quote here to see how much we can insure your smartphone for.

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