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iPhone Insurance promo

iPhone Insurance

Insure your iPhone from £3.99 / month*

Insurance from Protect Your Bubble covers your iPhone against:

  • Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage)
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
  • Loss – an optional extra
  • Covered worldwide (for up to 180 days a year)

*Based on cover without loss for an iPhone4S 8GB

We have a 4.8-star

Google rating

We have sold over


policies in the UK and US combined


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Accidental demage

Accidental Damage  

from damaged screens to major meltdowns we cover you.  In 2013 we repaired more than 1100 items each month.

Accidental demageLiquid Damage 

Want to see how long it takes water to kill an iPhone?

Accidental demage


826,000 mobile thefts happen each year (2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales). Almost 16,000 every week.  You are covered against theft as standard.

Mechanical breakdown


We’ll cover you if your phone breaks down outside the manufacturer’s warranty. 


Mechanical breakdownUnauthorised Usage

We pay for calls and data used up to the cost of £10,000 between when your phone is stolen or lost and when you blacklist it with your network. Just please do this within 72 hours.

Mechanical breakdown

Optional Loss  

Ever just slipped out of your pocket on the tube?  For an extra £1.50 per month we protect against loss.

Mechanical breakdown

Worldwide Cover

Love posting those holiday photos from the poolside? With us you are covered worldwide for up to 180 days a year.

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Top 10 tips for taking care of your iPhone

Whether you have the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S, or can't let go of your iPhone 4, you can make your daily experience even better with your beloved Apple mobile phone by taking good care of it. Here are 10 tips from the Gadget Insurance specialists at Protect Your Bubble to help you make the most of your iPhone each and every day:

1. Get a case.

The iPhone 4S and earlier models still sport front and back glass that could make dropping your iPhone an expensive accident. Avoid costly repairs or replacement by protecting your phone with a substantial case. Be sure to read reviews online, see how the case fits in your hand, pockets, etc. and more to ensure you'll be happy with it in the long run.

2. Get a screen protector.

The screen is one of the most fragile parts of your iPhone and perhaps the one you use the most. Get a screen protector to help shield the glass during drops or accidents and to help preserve your phone. Check reviews to make sure that a screen protector allows for proper functionality and sensitivity in the touch screen while still protecting the glass.

3. Install the "Find my iPhone" App.

iPhones are a highly coveted gadget on the market and one of the most popular among thieves. The "Find my iPhone" app can help you track your phone so that if you lose it or if someone takes it, you can still see its location. Make sure to password protect access to this application in your Settings and to password protect against the deletion of apps so that if someone does take your phone the app can still function.

4. Clean your iPhone regularly.

Your iPhone goes with you everywhere, and everywhere can be a dirty place. With your hands constantly touching it, your face and mouth pressed against daily, and from it being set down on numerous surfaces throughout the day, your iPhone can become susceptible to the dirt and grime of daily life. Clean it regularly to help it stay in top shape and at peak functionality. Not sure how to clean your phone safely? We have step-by-step directions for you on how to properly clean your iPhone.

5. Avoid overheating.

iPhones were not designed to do well in temperatures over 38°C or under 4°C*, and can overheat easily. Avoid charging your iPhone in the car as car charges can overheat them quickly; if you do need to charge your phone in the car, make sure to take it off of the charger as soon as the battery reaches 100%. Don't leave your phone in the car or outside on cold nights or on warm summer days to help protect it from exposure to more extreme temperatures.

6. Give your iPhone breathing room.

While your phone comes with ample storage, your iPhone functions best when it has at least half a GB of "headroom", or space left*. When your phone is to its memory capacity it can function more slowly or have issues. Transfer files and images to the iCloud, purchase extra cloud storage from Apple, or delete items as necessary to help give your phone breathing room.

7. Help your battery live longer.

A shortened battery life is the bane of the mobile phone user experience. Help keep your battery living longer by optimising the settings in your phone to limit how many functions are running at any given time on your iPhone. Regularly let your phone run completely out of battery, or at least below 5%, and then charge to a full 100% while powered off to help keep your battery at its best.

8. Password protect important phone functions.

If you're like most smart phone users, you probably save a lot of personal information in your phone - more than you realise. That banking app, your email information, and access to your social profiles are probably all stored in your phone, along with the personal information they contain. Protect your information by requiring a passcode to use your phone. While it may seem like a hassle to have to type in a password each time you haven't used your phone for a few minutes, it will be much less work than dealing with identity theft should someone take your phone and all of the information you have stored in it.

9. Don't forget to tidy up.

Your flat or home gets cleaned up regularly and even goes through deeper spring cleaning; why not give your phone's storage the same attention? Delete cookies and browser history daily to help keep your phone in tip top shape. Once a month, assess your apps. How many of them do you actually use? Look at how much memory each app takes up and delete the unnecessary ones, in order of largest to smallest, to give your phone more breathing room. If your use your iPhone's camera a great deal, make sure to move image files to your laptop or desktop regularly to free up space on your phone.

10. Insure your phone.

Could we ever leave this one off? Gadget Insurance from Protect Your Bubble gives your iPhone cover in case of accidental damage, liquid damage, optional loss, theft, and mechanical breakdown. You can even save on coverage when you insure your iPhone with another item, such as your iPad, tablet, or iPod. Check out our multi-gadget insurance for more details.

*Temperatures and recommended headroom space via CIO, July 2009 10 effortless ways to improve your iPhone battery life

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