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iPad Mini Insurance

iPad Mini Insurance

Great value iPad Mini insurance from £3.99 per month.*

Insurance from Protect Your Bubble covers your iPad Mini against:

  • Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage)
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
  • Loss – an optional extra
  • Covered worldwide (for up to 180 days a year)

*Based on cover not including loss for the iPad Mini 16GB Wifi

We have a 4.8-star

Google rating

We have sold over


policies in the UK and US combined


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Accidental demage

Accidental Damage 

iPad Mini’s can be even easier to carry and drop than iPads.  If we find the damage is not repairable we will replace your iPad Mini.

Accidental demageLiquid Damage 

Insurance for you iPad Mini means you’re covered against any liquid encounter, from party spills to bedtime cocoa.

Accidental demage


One of the best things about iPad Mini is how easy it is to carry around with you.  Thieves may think the same about carrying them off. So we cover theft as standard. 

Mechanical breakdown


We’ll repair your iPad Mini if it breaks down after the warranty period from the manufacturer expires.

Mechanical breakdownWorldwide Cover  

iPad Minis fit nicely with holiday plans.  So does our cover for up to 180 days a year.

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A guide on how to take care of your iPad Mini

Your iPad Mini is made to go with you wherever you go, but this convenient device does need a little bit of care every now and then. Here's a bit of advice to help you protect your new gadget so that you can enjoy it as much as possible:

Preserve your battery life

At least once of month, let your tablet run completely out of battery and charge back up to 100%. Going from 100% battery to none and back helps keep your battery working to the best of it's capacity. Download updates when they come from Apple, as some software adjustments help preserve your battery life. 

iPad with cover

Protect your screen

Though your iPad Mini is still a fairly resilient piece of machinery, it's always important to remember that the screen is made of glass. A cover and a case are the best ways to preserve your device, and also help preserve the special oleophobic coating on your screen (which means it's oil resistant) will last as long as possible.

Clean your tablet regularly

Like everything else in life, your tablet needs a regular cleaning. It's constantly being touched, so you can imagine how it would get dirty fairly regularly, limiting touch screen sensitivity and eventually harming your device. To clean your iPad Mini, follow a few simple steps:

  • Turn your device off and disconnect any cables. 
  • Use a micro fibre cloth and a small amount of water to gently rub the surface, wiping away fingerprints and smudges. 
  • Use a dry micro fibre cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture.

Keep it cool

Your gadget prefers a certain climate just like you do. Keep your iPad in a comfortable climate, away from direct sunlight and extreme heat as well as out of freezing temperatures. 

Use the correct cords

When you want to charge or connect your iPad Mini, be sure that you're using an approved connection cord in the port. If you try to use a cord that doesn't fit, you could break the port, making your iPad unusable. 


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