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iPhone 5c Insurance promo

iPhone 5c Insurance

Great-value insurance for your iPhone 5c

Keep your brightly-colored iPhone 5c covered with insurance that features:

  • Protection against theft
  • Cover for breakdowns, plus liquid and accidental damage
  • Loss cover (an optional extra)
  • Worldwide cover for up to 180 days per year

We have a 4.8-star

Google rating

We have sold over


policies in the UK and US combined


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Accidental demage

Drops and accidental damage

Your iPhone 5c's screen is protected against cracks and smashes – if you drop it, you're covered.

DropsSpills and liquid damage

Swimming pools, bathtubs and even cups of tea can all be deadly for a smartphone. With our policy, you're covered. 

Accidental demage

Mechanical breakdowns

After your manufacturer's warranty runs out, you're still protected if your iPhone 5c breaks down.

Loss and theft


Worried about your iPhone 5c getting snatched? We cover you against theft as standard.

Mechanical breakdownWorldwide usage

Keep your iPhone 5c with you while you travel: our policy includes worldwide coverage for up to 180 days a year.

Unauthorised calls

Loss (optional)

Ever had that sinking feeling when your phone just isn't where you left it? We cover loss for an extra £1.50 per month. Just 5p a day.

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Top safety and security tips for your new iPhone 5c

Protect it from cosmetic damage

The first thing you should do is stick a screen protector on it to keep it protected from coins, keys and other sharp objects that live in your pockets and bag. If you didn’t buy a screen protector when purchasing your iPhone, you should get it ordered as soon as possible. A good case is also a wise move and will keep your phone’s condition as good as new for a longer period.

Set up a passcode

If it falls into the possession of somebody else, they will not be able to access your phone without correctly entering your passcode. Make it difficult to guess and do not use horizontal, vertical or diagonal numbers such as “2,5,8,0”.

Enable autolock

The passcode that you’ve set may not be useful unless the handset is set to autolock. The phone, when not in use, will automatically go into battery saving mode and autolock itself to block unauthorised access.

Change SIM card PIN

If you’ve signed up for a new contract with a mobile network provider, you will be given a default PIN (usually 0000). Change the PIN so that it’s not easy to guess.

Update your phone

Apple will release updates if security vulnerabilities are ever found so if one is available, update it right away!

Install security apps

Apps such as Find My Phone is arguably the best way to keep track of your iOS phone’s whereabouts. If your phone has been lost, stolen or even misplaced at home, you can simply log on to iCloud online and see your phone on a map, and even make it beep remotely.

Set up automatic iCloud update for your photos

Okay, iCloud’s purpose is to back up your data, so how is that relevant to security? Well, if your phone was stolen and used to take pictures, those photos will automatically be uploaded to iCloud. You will be able to log on to iCloud and see pictures of people, which you can then provide to the police. A selfie will almost be as good as a confession. Aside from that, backing up your data is generally recommended so your data can be recovered if your phone was lost or stolen.

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A £50 excess is payable per claim, plus an additional excess of £25 for all loss claims and any accidental damage claims made in the first three months from the policy start date.The total excess on all claims filed overseas is £75. No claims can be made for the first 14 days after the policy is purchased. If paying monthly by Direct Debit, you will be required to pay the premium for the remainder of your 12-month contract before your claim can be approved. Your gadget(s) must be less than 18 months old for Regular and Business Gadget Insurance and less than 36 months old for Family Gadget Insurance at the time you buy your policy. You are not covered for more than two replacements per insured gadget per year. Repairs are unlimited. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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