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Nokia Insurance

Great Value Nokia Mobile Insurance from £1.49 per month.*

You may love your Nokia smartphone for the unique features or even the Nokia apps. Whatever the reason, we know how important technology is, and that our customers rely heavily on their mobile. Our great value mobile insurance will protect your Nokia all year round.  

Insurance from Protect Your Bubble covers your Nokia phone against:

  • Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage)
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
  • Loss – an optional extra
  • Covered worldwide (for up to 180 days each year)

*Based on cover without loss for a mobile worth up to £150  

We have a 4.8-star

Google rating

We have sold over


policies in the UK and US combined

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Accidental Damage  

From cracked screens to full on smashes we protect you.  In 2013 we repaired more than 1100 items each month. If we find the damage is not repairable we will replace your Nokia phone

Accidental demageLiquid Damage 

Want to see how long it takes water to kill a high end smartphone? Click here to view

Loss and theftTheft  

826,000 mobile thefts happen each year - over 2,200 a day or more than 7 every five minutes (2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales)

Mechanical breakdown


We’ll cover you if your Nokia malfunctions after the warranty from the manufacturer expires

Unauthorised callsUnauthorised Usage  

We pay for calls and data used up to a cost of £10,000 between when your phone is lost or stolen and when you blacklist it.  Just please do this within 72 hours

Optional losOptional Loss  

Ever just forgotten to pick it up when in a rush?  For an extra £1.50 per month (only 5p a day) we protect against loss

Worldwide coverWorldwide Cover 

We know your mobile goes wherever you do. So our cover does too for up to 180 days a year

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Keep up to date with Nokia

Take a look below at some of our latest app suggestions from Nokia's Ovi Store for your new smartphone. Some items may not be compatible with every phone, so always check before you try and download something. 

You can download both free and paid apps on your Nokia. Some of our recommendations include: 

sleeping screenNokia Sleeping Screen - A free app that's very useful when your phone is locked. You can view the clock, missed calls, unread messages and reminders with just a glimpse at the screen. It will also gives you a great looking background image when the keys are locked.

buttons Belle Extra Buttons - Place 2, 3 or 4 additional live buttons on the toolbar of your homescreen. You can select between lock/restart buttons, task switcher, brightness control and power saving mode. It will save yourself time from finding your phone settings! 

callsafeCallsafe - Another free app that's worth downloading if you're always in the habit of accidentally disconnecting calls! The app covers the button automatically with a semi-transparent cover when you call. Simply swipe the cover to remove it.    

currencyCurrency Converter - This app is a Google based currency converter, and supports around 90 currencies. It's very handy if you're going away on holiday or on business. It's good to know that our standard gadget insurance includes worldwide cover for up to a 90 day single trip. Get a quote here for your smartphone. 

squeak on phoneThe latest Nokia smartphones have all the latest features, which include: 

  • Social media networking: Capture photos and videos and then edit them on your mobile. You can easily upload to Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Mobile office: Do you have a Nokia business phone? You can use your Nokia to always be connected to your office. Access calendar information, share documents and send through emails. Protect Your Bubble offers business insurance for all company mobiles, laptops and gadgets. 
  • Nokia Maps: Make your life easier with your Nokia mobile. Nokia Maps lets you instantly find everything in your city and gives you expert tips from Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. 
  • Camera apps: Turn your photos into a work of art. Use your image editor on your mobile to edit the latest captured photo!

You'll be pleased to know that we insure all Nokia handsets providing it is less than 12 months old. Get a quote here to see how much we can insure your smartphone for. 

Like all insurance policies, terms, conditions and exclusions apply, so refer to the terms and conditions for full details of what is and what is not covered.

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