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Read FAQs about renewing your policy


How do I renew my policy?

For annual paying customers we will send you an email one month before your policy is due to expire. You will be able to renew your policy via a renew link in the email. For those email addresses which return an undeliverable message, we will then send a renewal letter which will tell you how to renew.

For customers who pay by monthly Direct Debit, we will send you an email about a month before your cover is due to expire, which will tell you that your cover will continue automatically unless you decide to cancel. 

I didn't receive a renewal notification by email. 

First of all, please check this did not go into your spam or junk filter. If there is still no sign of it, then your email may have bounced. However, we receive notification of any emails that do bounce, and these will be fulfilled by letter. 

How do I pay for my renewal? 

You can pay for your renewal via a number of payment options, which include Direct Debit, Credit Card, or PayPal. 

What if I need to add or insure new gadgets at renewal? 

For annual customers, you can change your insured gadgets via the renew link in the emails. Once you click on this link you will be taken to a page where you will have the option to change them.

For customers who pay monthly by Direct Debit, call our team on 0844 3463 970. They will change your policy and adjust your premium accordingly.

Adding more gadgets to your policy could give you a discount. Insuring 2 gadgets gives you a 10% discount and 3 gadgets will give you a 15% discount with our multi gadget discount. 

What will I receive when I renew? 

Once you have renewed your policy, you will receive a new Certificate of Insurance in the post. You will not receive a booklet of the terms and conditions again as they remain the same, but you will be able to access them via a link in the confirmation email you would have received, or via the website if you need to. You can find the terms and conditions in the Gadget section of the website, to the top right hand side of the page. 

If you don't renew. 

Please note, that you will not be able to take out insurance again for any items which had previously been insured by us that are now over 12 months old. For more information please click here. 

Which terms and conditions should I refer to for my renewed policy? 

As long as you renew your policy before your cover expires, your terms and conditions will remain the same as when you first took out the policy with us. If you need to refer to the latest terms and conditions you can do so here. You will find previous sets of terms and conditions if you click on Previous versions, these are date stamped so that you can find the terms and conditions which applied when you first bought your policy.  


What our customers say:


"My daughter damaged her Blackberry on New Years Eve so I contacted protectyourbubble.com the next working day. The man was very helpful and explained what the procedure was. Once they had made the necessary checks, I was sent a bag to put the phone in and sent it off. I received the replacement phone quickly and the protectyourbubble.com service was excellent." M.Kelly, GB


"...at the beginning of February I was robbed at knifepoint getting off the escalator in Angel tube station, the whole lot was taken - iphone, laptop...I contacted Protect your bubble and the woman on the phone was really kind, she made it really easy for me and told me what to do. I paid the excess on my card and they contacted the police, and the next Monday before I had called them up to find out what was happening my new phone arrived. I was amazed, I had no idea it would be so easy and fast..."" Erika, London


"I am extremely pleased with my policy, in fact so pleased that we have 3 policies in our household now, hopefully we will never have to use them but it's peace of mind when you have that teeny weeny phone in your pocket that costs such a huge amount, and that something is so important and hard to live without in everyday life!" B.Genese, UK Broken Phone


"I remember when I signed up thinking how easy it was to get started, and i wondered if it would be as easy to make a successful claim. it turns out that it almost is, i did have to make a few calls but in my experience that's par for the course with insurance companies. I've saved loads on my monthly premium and I've received a replacement iphone. I'm going to insure my laptop now too." B.Fretwell, Worting, GB  

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