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Pre-existing Medical Condition Declaration

Did you know that some Pre-existing Medical Conditions aren't covered under basic Travel Insurance? This means, if we don’t know about them before you travel, you may not be covered.

For the purposes of this insurance, a Pre-existing Medical Condition is considered to be:

  • any past or current Medical Condition that has given rise to symptoms or for which any form of treatment or prescribed medication, medical consultation, investigation or follow up/ check-up has been required or received during the 2 years prior to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to any Trip; and
  • any cardiovascular or circulatory condition (e.g. heart condition, hypertension, blood clots, raised cholesterol, stroke, aneurysm) that has occurred at any time prior to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to any Trip.

Please review the following questions:

Has ANYONE travelling under this policy:

  • Been prescribed any medication, received any treatment, or attended any consultations, investigations or follow-ups, for ANY medical or psychological conditions in the last two years?
  • EVER been prescribed medication, received treatment or had investigations, for: a heart attack, angina, chest pain(s), or any other heart condition?
  • EVER suffered from blood clots, aneurysm or circulatory disease?
  • EVER suffered any form of stroke, TIA (transient ischaemic attack), or brain haemorrhage?

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions in respect of yourself or ANYONE travelling under this policy, or you are unsure of the answer, you must select “Yes” in the “Yes/No” box and follow the instructions that come up.

Waived conditions:

If your pre-existing condition falls into any of the categories below, you do not need to inform us and can continue with your online purchase.

If you are sure you and anyone else travelling under this policy DO NOT have any Pre-existing Medical Conditions, please click the check box to confirm you have read and agreed to the Pre-existing Medical Condition declaration. The declaration includes a list of waived conditions, for which we will not require specialist screening.

Failure to disclose a Pre-existing Medical Condition

No claim arising directly or indirectly from any Pre-existing Medical Condition affecting any person travelling under this insurance will be covered unless You declare ALL conditions to Our Medical Screening Helpline (if not already included in the Waived Conditions list below, and acceptance criteria in this section) prior to the commencement of the trip and they are accepted for insurance in writing.

While most travel insurance companies include cover for medical emergencies, most policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions from cover. Without coverage for your pre-existing condition, you could end up paying costly hospital or emergency medical bills should your travel be interrupted with an unexpected medical emergency caused by a pre-existing medical condition.