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Gadget Insurance

  • Covers lost & stolen gadgets
  • Cracked screens & liquid damage
  • Multi-gadget discount

Family Gadget Insurance

  • Covers families for 4+ gadgets
  • Covers lost & stolen devices
  • Cracked screens & liquid damage

Business Gadget Insurance

  • Covers your business gadgets from loss & theft
  • Cracked screens & liquid damage
  • Multi-gadget discount

Bicycle Insurance

  • New For Old Replacement
  • Low Excess
  • Multi-Bike Discount

Travel Insurance

  • Covers medical emergencies
  • Trip delay or missed connections
  • Lost, damaged or stolen baggage

Car Hire Insurance

  • Excess reimbursement
  • Two cover levels
  • Extra platinum benefits

Pet Insurance

  • Covers accidents and illness at home or overseas
  • Offers three cover levels with extra benefits
  • Third party liability cover

Cosmetic Car Insurance

  • One-off annual premium
  • 3 claims per year
  • Offers alloy wheel bonus cover option