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Tagbak - Reward and return service

TagBak Protect your bubble have teamed up with TagBak to give our Gadget Insurance customers 60% off their Reward and Return Service.
Below you will find answers to some of the questions you might have. You may also wish to get more information from the TagBak website www.tagbak.co.uk

What is TagBak?

TagBak is a confidential reward and return service that gives you a tag to stick to your gadgets. If you lose your gadget and someone finds it TagBak pays the finder a cash reward and does all the work on your behalf to get your gadget back to you!
Once you have purchased and received your tag(s) all you need to do is stick the unique TagBak tag to your gadget and then activate the tag online. It is very important to activate the tag for the service to work. Then if you lose your gadget and someone finds it, there's an easy and effective way of getting it back to you.  

How much does TagBak cost?

For Protect your bubble customers it's now just £4.99 per tag which usually costs £12.99.

How will I get my TagBak tag(s)?

1. Simply click on the link provided on the confirmation page after your purchase or from your welcome email - www.tagbak.net/efulfill/protectyourbubble.
2. Order your tag with your 60% Protect your bubble discount. 
3. When you receive your tag, stick it on your gadget and activate it at www.tagbak.net/efulfill/protectyourbubble. It is very important you do this for the service to work. 

How do I activate my Tag?

When you receive your tags follow the simple steps below:
1. Stick the tag to your gadget – so if you lose it, it has a chance of being returned.
2. Make sure you activate the tag online at www.tagbak.net/efulfill/protectyourbubble – this is very important.
3. If you lose your gadget, and someone finds it they can call the number on the tag or go online to register that they have found it.
4. We’ll pay the finder a reward for returning your gadget.
5. We’ll pay for the return of your gadget to you.

What happens if I have made a claim on my Gadget insurance policy and my gadget is subsequently found?

If your gadget is found before your claim has been approved, then we will cancel the claim and you will not have to pay the excess. Your gadget will be returned to you.
If your claim has already been approved you will receive your replacement gadget and your original gadget will be retained. If it is retained, all your personal data will be securely destroyed.

What are the terms and conditions of the TagBak service provided free with my Protect your bubble policy?

For the full terms and conditions, please visit here.

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