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DIY and Package Holiday Travel Insurance

Affordable travel insurance tailored to the way you like to go

DIY Holidays Versus Packaged Deals

For some people, one of the true joys of life is planning their next holiday – for many, the hours spent planning are as much fun as the holiday itself.

The ‘DIY’ holiday suits those who prefer to be slightly more independent. It’s virtually impossible to concisely describe because it can cover just about anything you want it to! A weekend in Paris, a month driving around America, stepping off a flight in New Delhi with a rucksack, a map, and no firm plans – the list is endless.  

The key point is that if you start with some idea of the holiday you're looking for, then from that point on you'll have to do everything yourself – booking flights, taxi transfers, ferry crossings and reserving hotels. Fortunately the internet has given the independent traveller every tool he or she could ever wish for, to spend hours getting the best deals, the perfect accommodation and the itinerary tailored to their most specific desires.

For many others, booking a holiday should be somebody else’s problem. They prefer to decide on a destination and then have things organised down to more-or-less the last detail – ideally paying one price to one company to ‘do it all’ for them.

That’s where all-inclusive deals, package holidays and tours come into their own. For many it’s still a trip down to the local travel agent, the thrill of thumbing through the glossy brochures and then letting someone else pick up the work. Obviously, these days many people accomplish this online, but even then want the process to be as ‘quick and painless’ as possible.

Whatever holiday type you choose, making sure that you have appropriate insurance in place may be critically important – whether you're travelling abroad or choose to have your holiday within the UK, whether DIY or package, singles, couples or families, relaxing on the beach or making the most of every activity available.

Travel insurance – The Realities

In life, things can go wrong for any of us and at any time. If you're unlucky enough to suffer your setback while travelling, the inconvenience, costs and traumas can be magnified by so many factors, including language barriers, distance, how many people you are travelling with and, simply, the fact that your relaxing holiday is turning out to be anything but!

This may involve sickness or injury, getting involved in a situation that may require legal assistance (e.g. after a car accident), finding that your holiday has been cancelled, the collapse of a travel company or airline, loss or theft of luggage and possessions – the list goes on and on.

Travel Insurance – Some Facts

In 2008, published statistics* illustrated the average costs of some types of travel insurance claims:

    £184 for insect bite treatment – or the cost of a budget flight to Europe;

    £210 for theft of baggage and/or possessions – that’s an extra night at a good hotel;

    £491 for gastroenteritis – that’s the cost of a nice weekend break to Europe;

    £747 for trip cancellations – now we’re getting into an extra week’s holiday;

    £770 for trip curtailment – you could have taken Granny along for that:

    £1,923 for legal expenses – that’s next year’s holiday cancelled!

* Source: Direct Line Press Release 11.08.2009

Travel insurance - how we can help protect you

Regardless of your destination and how you like to book your travel, a valid travel insurance policy is essential in minimising potential travel risks involved. From just £2.55 (single trip) or £24.84 (annual multi-trip), Protect Your Bubble’s travel insurance offers all-encompassing coverage, including:

    Four levels of cover to suit your needs and budget

    Emergency medical expenses of up to £10 million

    24/7 emergency helpline

    Cancellation, delay or abandonment

    Baggage, possessions and money

    Personal accident and liability

Not only that, we offer a range of extras and discounts, such as:

    Discounted rate if travelling as a couple

    Specialist family cover

    Optional add-ons for golf, winter sports or cruises

    Extra cover for pre-existing medical conditions

    The choice to waive your excess

Having the right form of cover for your holiday may offer invaluable protection. Whether it's packaged or DIY holidays, we have a travel insurance policy that will suit you.

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