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Travel Insurance Redundancy Cover

Protection against holiday cancellation due to redundancy

In the modern world, the risk of redundancy is a fact of life. So can you still book an annual holiday with confidence? Yes you can – by using Protect Your Bubble’s travel insurance redundancy cover to protect your finances in the event that you have to cancel your holiday due to loss of employment.

Travel as part of life

If you are working hard, your annual holiday is probably very important to you and perhaps even necessary for your health and general well-being. Even if it's not an annual holiday, sometimes a quick winter or spring break can recharge our batteries and remind us about what is really important in our lives.

Travel is increasingly easy and can be quite affordable nowadays and many of us are able to take advantage of this. However, for most of us, it means setting aside some of our income to fund our travel.


This could happen to us at any time during our working life. It may be that you have just paid the deposit for your trip when you receive notice of your redundancy or after you have paid the final amount and are waiting to travel. In either case, you may be unable to continue with your holiday plans and you could be at risk of losing some or perhaps all of your monies paid.

Not all holiday companies or airlines will reimburse monies already paid in the event of cancellation and the closer you are to your departure date the more likely it is that you will be seriously out-of-pocket if you are made redundant.

The Law

If you are made redundant, by law your employer must conform to certain legal requirements including providing you with a statutory notice of redundancy. It is important to ensure you obtain this, as it may be key to your being able to claim a range of social and insurance benefits – including our travel insurance redundancy cover.

Our travel insurance redundancy cover

We will pay benefits to you in the event that you need to cancel your planned travel or holiday due to redundancy. The benefits you will receive will depend upon the policy cover level you select, but having this insurance in place could remove a huge worry in the weeks or months leading up to your departure.

You can book with confidence given that if the worst happens and you are made redundant, you will at least have our policy to help soften the financial blow.

You can find more details on this by browsing our travel insurance documents or contacting us for further information.

Next steps

That holiday trip may be beckoning and it would be a pity to miss some of the real travel bargains that are out there right now just because of fears over redundancy. Travel insurance redundancy cover may offer you the confidence you need to get that holiday under way!

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