Everything you need to know about the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

by Corinne Webb | Sep 15, 2017

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Each year when September rolls around, the tech world is focused on one thing and one thing only - Apple’s iPhone launch! Techies from every corner of the globe flocked to Apple’s headquarters, eager to see what Apple would do to mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, which launched back in 2007. And as three new handsets were unveiled earlier this week in Cupertino, California, we took note of all of the most exciting new features and functions that you need to know about.

Edge-to-edge display
As rumours suggested, Apple has decided to opt for a super-streamlined edge-to-edge display for the iPhone X, which offers an impressive 5.8 inch screen. This means the X is missing the home button - and in turn the TouchID fingerprint scanner - so Apple have opted for a new facial recognition security system (but more on that later). 

OLED display
Another feature only the iPhone X was graced with at this launch is the OLED screen. Apple has touted this as the first OLED display good enough to be used on an iPhone, so users can expect impressive things from this new-and-improved screen. 

Glass front and back
If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the damage your smartphone can suffer in your day to day life - whether that’s it getting knocked around in the bottom of your bag or slipping out of your hand at home - you’ll be a big fan of this. All three new phones have a glass front and back, which are said to make these devices the most durable iPhones to date. 

Face ID
We mentioned earlier the iPhone’s new facial recognition system. This is called FaceID, available on the iPhone X. Apple tested this against a series of 3D masks at the launch event, proving the sophistication of this function and reassuring the public that the system would stand up well against security threats. 

Wireless charging 
Apple can’t seem to shake off the wires fast enough. At last year’s iPhone 7 launch, they announced that the headphone Jack would be removed - a divisive move that left many frustrated by having to use the lightning port adapter to continue using their existing headphones. And now Apple have announced that all three new iPhones are wireless charging-compatible (although you’ll be relieved to hear that they can be charged by cable, too). 

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available in space grey, silver and an all-new new gold finish, while the iPhone X is available in just silver and space grey, so anyone holding out for the rose gold shade we’ve seen across the iPhone 6, 7 and SE will be disappointed. 

Prices for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus start at £699 and £799 for the 64GB model, rising to £849 and £949 for the 256GB model. The iPhone X will set you back slightly more, however, as this will cost £999 for the 64GB model and £1,149 for the 256GB model.

With this sort of significant investment it may be a good idea to consider iPhone Insurance.

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