The near-future of mobile tech | MWC 2018

by Rob Duke | Mar 02, 2018
Mobile World Congress Collage

Mobile World Congress is paradise for the tech-obsessed. There are so many shiny, exciting new things announced and demonstrated every year - we simply had to be there in 2018. Not even storm ‘Emma’ and travel chaos across Europe could keep us at bay. Here’s some of the most interesting stuff we saw in Barcelona:

Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 slow-mo

One of the most anticipated unveilings at the show was Samsung’s new flagship smartphone. It was great to hear about the outstanding specs, but the best part was getting to check out the handset. We were particularly impressed by the ultra-hi-res super-slow-mo video mode. Very cool indeed.

Next-gen projectors

Smart and interactive projectors

Projection technology has really improved in recent years. We played with one you can physically interact with like a smartphone screen and saw an advanced smartphone projector that produces high-quality video on flat surfaces.

Friendly robots

Friendly robots

Aww. Look at this little guy. We could only admire from afar as he got into a deep conversation (in French) with another startled onlooker. Incroyable! Later, we saw him waving goodbye to people near the exit. Such lovely manners.


Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep bed and screen

This new gadget measures the quality of your sleep and gives you a ‘sleep score’. It can also turn up your thermostat when you get up in the morning and turn down the lights when you hit the hay. Automated bliss.

Concept 'smart' Car

Concept smart car mobile world congress 2018

How can you improve on the diminutive Smart Car? Give it transparent doors and replace the lights with slightly disconcerting, humanesque eyes that scowl and blink. Obviously.

5G wireless systems

4G vs 5G speed


Okay, so this photo may not be *particularly* interesting in isolation, but the information behind it is. We heard that the next generation of 5G enabled smartphones will be able to download a three-hour long movie in just one minute.

If anything, that’s a little too fast.

Healthcare tech


ECG scanner size of credit card and wearable health monitors


There were some very interesting bits of health-tech at the show. For example, this credit card sized machine (left) can give you an electrocardiogram (ECG), then instantly ping the info over to your smartphone. We also tried out some new wearables (right) with advanced health and ailment tracking features.

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