Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance Love your bike? Bubble it.

Bicycle Insurance keeps your bike covered at home and out on the road.

  • Road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes & more
  • Covers theft, accidental damage & vandalism
  • EU cover available (for an extra premium)
  • Multi-bike discounts
  • UK-based customer support

Excesses, exclusions & limitations apply.

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Key features


Bike theft is an all-too-common occurrence, especially in cities. If your bike is stolen, we'll either replace it for you, or cover the cost of replacing it.

You won't be covered for theft of any tyres or removable parts (like handlebars and pedals) unless the bicycle frame is stolen at the same time. Your bike must be secured to an immovable object using an approved lock. See security requirements for more details.

Accidental damage

Don’t worry - if you crash, you're covered. And if your parts are damaged along with the frame, they can be repaired or replaced, too.

Not covered: Damages arising from wear and tear, gradually operating causes and frost. Cosmetic damages that don't impair how your bike works, like scratches and dents.

Custom cycles

Was your bike made just for you? No problem. Just factor in custom parts when entering your bike's value and hold on to your receipts.

Tyres, accessories and removable parts are not covered unless they're damaged at the same time as the frame itself.

Multiple bikes

Have different cycles for different uses? Good news – we can cover them all.

Plus, you'll save 10% off your total price when you insure two bikes, and 15% when you insure three or more.

We will not cover any claim arising out of cycling as your occupation or profession.

Cycling in the EU (optional)

Planning a cycling trip?

For an additional premium, you can stay covered while you cycle in Europe.

Cover is available for up to 90 days per year (30 days for any one trip) anywhere in the European Union.

Security requirements

Keeping your bike adequately secured is the most important step toward ensuring that you're covered if you have to make a claim. If you haven't met our security requirements, you may not be reimbursed if your bike gets stolen.See our full security requirements >


Before you buy



Your excess fee is related to the value of the bike you have insured. As your bike's value increases, so does your excess.Swipe the table left and right to see all excesses.

Bike value Up to £349.99 £350 - £899.99 £900 -£1,499.99 £1,500 - £2,499.99 £2,500 - £8,000
Excess amount £25 £50 £75 £100 £200

How to claim

  1. In the event your bicycle is stolen or vandalised you must report it to the Police as soon as possible and obtain a crime reference number.

  2. Make a claim by doing any of the following:
     Calling us on 0333 220 0792
     Writing to us at: Protect Your Bubble, PO Box 1033, Uxbridge, UB8 9PX

  3. Submit supporting documentation. You can scan and email it to us or mail it to Protect Your Bubble, PO Box 1033, Uxbridge, UB8 9PX.

  4. Pay the excess for your approved claim, and we'll work with you to replace or repair your bike.

Frequently asked questions

Are parts and tyres covered?
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No – generally speaking, tyres and other fixed accessories or removable parts are not covered. However, tyres and other fixed parts are covered if the bicycle frame itself has been stolen or suffered accidental damage at the same time.
What is an "accidental damage"?
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"Accidental damage" is any damage caused to your bike by violent and external means – including vandalism – that isn’t specifically described in your policy’s list of key exclusions.
Who does my policy cover?
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Your policy covers you and your parents, spouse, partner, children or siblings (aged 16 years or older) who permanently reside with you and are using your insured bike.
Will you cover shipping charges if my bike needs repairs?
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Yes - we'll cover the shipping costs and arrange for collection of your bike if we confirm that it's in need of repairs.

More about Bicycle Insurance

Protect your investment

Your bicycle likely plays a big part in your life. Whether it's your main form of transportation, your favourite way to commute or your weekend passion, we're willing to bet your bike was an investment. So why not protect it? Bicycle Insurance from Protect Your Bubble keeps your bike covered in case of theft, accidental damage and vandalism.

Our Bicycle Insurance covers all types of bikes – including hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and electric bikes – whether they're less-expensive models or worth thousands of pounds. And we cover custom work, too: just be sure to account for your custom parts in your bike's value when you get a quote. Plus, if your bike is a newer model (less than 3 years old) and gets stolen, we'll step in to replace it with a brand-new version.

Extras & discounts

Our Bicycle Insurance has your next European cycling trip covered, too. For an extra premium, you can add EU cover to your policy to stay covered for up to 90 days per year (30 days per trip).

Have multiple bikes for different uses? We can cover them all. You'll get 10% off your policy price if you insure two cycles, and 15% off if you insure three or more.

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