The first truly modern computer, built at Cambridge University in 1949, is to be rebuilt at Bletchley Park, the former home of the Enigma code-cracking sleuths in the Second World War. EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) was built by Maurice Wilkes and Bill Renwick to aid research scientists in their calculations. The size of […]

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has initiated plans to dramatically step up both marketing and distribution within the UK. Motorola recently launched their Defy smart-phone, a unit that is reportedly selling tens of thousands a week internationally, and are to promote the launch of their new unit, the ATRIX on Orange, to be released in Spring/Summer […]

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is now more popular than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer according to statistics published by Irish research company StatCounter. Although the stats were questioned by other sources, the Dublin based researchers’ study on internet use in December showed that Internet Explorer’s market share in Europe is now 37.5 percent, just behind that of […]