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  1. Protecting your iPad with a cover

    Protecting your iPad with a cover

    It is important to appreciate quality with proper precaution. So if you have an expensive iPad which gives you the comfort of various applications it is also important that you have a protective cover to save it from scratches and other damages. Even at times when there is an accidental fall a cover will ensure that your device within is protected and safe. A bare fall on the other hand can cause damage to various sensitive and important features and the outer hardware as well.


  2. Windows Mobile Verses Android Smartphones

    If you are about to purchase a smartphone you will soon be faced with an important question followed by a choice; this is selecting the operating system of your new phone. While Apple iPhone’s are all available with the default iOS there are several companies of phone devices offering Windows and Android as the operating system as the other choices. Now there is the all-important choice of the better and more useful one of the two. There cannot be a perfect answer in the choice of one against the other. However users will also have different requirements from their phones and based on that an appropriate choice can be made. You will be able to make a perfect choice only when you know the nature of applications you are most likely to use.


  3. Top 10 iPhone Apps for business

    Top 10 iPhone Apps for business

    Owning an iPhone has become a regular feature in among most people, especially businessmen. After all, it is useful, highly advanced and with plenty of entertainment features, making it an invaluable possession for most. The iPhone’s have been able to boost the productivity and work performance, while placing many resources in a single device. This is why it has become the best tool for businessmen.  The various apps found in an iPhone have greatly enhanced the work experience of its owners.


  4. Top 10 iPhone Apps for travel

    Almost every iPhone owners think of this device as the most important tool for helping them in their everyday life, especially at work. However, this small device has some incredible applications, which is a great help for business people. On the other hand, this device is of tremendous assistance when you are thinking of taking a break from office and going for a vacation. It is hard to believe that it can help you throughout your travel, from packing, taking your flight to hotel booking and exchanging currency. It is right to say that iPhone Apps will truly enhance your travel experience to a great deal. In fact, after returning from your trip, you will be able to gauge the untold usefulness of this tiny device.


  5. Asus Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook Review

    Asus Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook Review

    Asus Zenbook UX31

    Lately, everyone has been talking a lot about ultrabook, the cost of it, its performance, reports about the looks of it and many more. According to Intel, ultrabook is a new system which is thin, well designed and very light. These are also much cheaper than the Macbook Air. One of these pioneer ultrabook is the Asus Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook, which is undoubtedly, a thing of great beauty. It has been carefully designed and built to pull off the thinnest outline and the lightest form, found in any ultrabook. You can say that, it is a blend of the latest technology and art. It consists of an elegant and strong aluminum, along with a spun hairline finish, portraying a cool look to it.


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