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  1. Top 10 iPhone Apps for Entertainment

    Top 10 iPhone Apps for Entertainment

    Most of us are nowadays into investing in iPhones to help them in their daily work or business. It makes life much easier for busy professionals with a wide variety of apps, which can be downloaded via the App Store. However, while it is great to have all useful information at your fingertips, you should also manage some time for fun and entertainment. Here are the top ten apps for making your life more enjoyable and informative too.

    1. Sky Sports is the ideal apps for football freaks, as it not only provides images of Jeff Stelling, you will be able to attain live updates of all the football matches around the world.
    2. If you need audio guides during your tour of exotic destinations or any others, then HearPlanet is here to entertain you with professional guidance and photographs.
    3. Need some hobby while travelling long distance? Then Colour Splash is here to help you pass your time with creation of art work from your iPhone. It lets you contrast with black and white, the procedure is known as selective desaturation.
    4.  Everyone is still in awe over Google Earth, which is still an incredible piece of technology. This app in you iPhone with an updated version of 2.0 will help you take along your map wherever you go, with real life images of all your favourite locations.
    5. Astrology is an entertaining pastime for most people, even though there are many who believe in it. It is fun to check out harmonious love signs and daily forecast of your zodiac sign. You can do this from anywhere with the app Compatible.
    6. You can turn your iPhone into a receiver for multimedia and watch live shows of TV with the help of Orblive apps.
    7. Cricket is the passion of most many around the world. To help you get all the coverage in your iPhone, download the ECB Cricket apps and get everything from scores to matches played all over the world.
    8. Cooliris is one of the most amazing apps to have in your iPhone. It takes on the job of a small computer, providing displays of anything. From Google to Bing images, RSS feeds, YouTube videos and Twitter streams.
    9. You can delight the special person in your life by remembering all the important dates, like anniversary, birthdays and other special occasions. The apps Relationship Calc will tell you the duration of your relationship to the exact second! It provides loads of fun too.
    10. A great way to entertain yourself is by fooling around with your photographs, with the help of Photoshop Mobile apps. This will allow you to replace the tint, exposure and saturation, while letting you add and crop as well effects as well.

    With such an amazing device in your possession, you should also take care and make sure the phone is insured. With iPhone insurance, you can really save money, as the mobile phone insurance for your iPhone would cover you against (but not limited to) accidental damages, mechanical breakdown, theft and unauthorised calls. Getting an insurance policy is very easy when you do it online as it takes only a few minutes.

  2. Top 10 iPhone Apps for Work

    Top 10 iPhone Apps for Work

    The world of official work is a very stress filled one, where something can go wrong any time. The best way to deal with any disaster at work is by being as organised as possible. Owning an iPhone with the required apps for work is the ideal solution to many work related issues. These will help you manage your work life in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

    Here are 10 of the best iPhone apps for work:-

    • AT&T Virtual Receptionist provides a very handy service to your iPhone, which is a great way to impress your clients too. It consists of a toll free number, business voicemail, an auto attendant and your company greeting. It also consists of fax abilities.
    • Awesome Not is the app which is a must, if you want to organize your work and impress your boss. This app is a combination of notes and to- dos, with many settings on it.
    • There are times when your memory may fail you regarding different people with the same name. There is no need to get stressed anymore, as the apps Forge Me Not is here to identify each person and will provide important information about each person in 10 seconds, along with their contact info and photograph.
    • If you are jet setting or organising travel plans for your boss, you will surely need this amazing apps, Flight Update Pro+Live Status+Triplit. It will keep you up to date about arrivals, departures, delays, along with info about terminal and gate, and track flights too.
    • Fuze Meeting is essential in your iPhone, as you can hold meetings or conferences from anywhere, if for some reasons you are not able to make it to the office. It helps you host web conferences and is a combination of video sharing, conference calling, instant messaging and screen sharing.
    • The apps UPS Mobile, you get tracking and shipping options from your iPhone, along with delivery time and price quotations.
    • One of the most worrying factors for working people is remembering passwords of different accounts. The solution for this is the apps mSecure Password Manager. With it in your iPhone, you will be able to have access to important services, software and sites, along with 256 ways of securing and storing all your account information.
    • Xpense Tracker is an essential apps to keep all your office or other expenses organised. It helps in tracking big or small expenses, multiple currencies, sort out export data of clients with reports and photo attachment of receipts.
    • It is common knowledge that in working places, minor squabbles can turn into big fights among colleagues. The best way to avoid them is by using the app The Bean Counter, which helps you have an eye on small things like scores, polls, time spent on any activity or money.
    • For those who of you who are looking out for new jobs, here is an apps wonder, Resume Pro, which will create a professional resume with the latest format along with standard cover letter template within seconds of placing your data.

    Having all of these amazing apps is fine; however, you should also give a thought to keeping them protected, so that you can enjoy its facilities with phone insurance, giving you the extra piece of mind especially when using your iPhone for work and business. getting iPhone insurance online is simple and will cover your device against any damage, theft or breakdown, along with unauthorised phone calls.

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