Business Gadget Insurance

Cover all the gadgets that are central to your business

From the laptops and desktop PCs at the heart of your office, to the smartphones and tablets that power your mobile workforce - our Business Gadget Insurance has you covered.

  • Protect as many gadgets as needed
  • Covers theft, liquid damage, cracked screens & more
  • Multi-gadget discounts
  • Same-day cover
  • Unlimited repairs

Exclusions, limitations & excesses apply.

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Key features

All types of gadgets

We can protect all of the gadgets that are central to your business, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and more. Cover as many gadgets as you need, and manage everything online.

Theft cover

Thieves don’t care if you need laptops to work on a big presentaion next week. The good news? We include cover against theft as standard.

We expect you to take reasonable precautions to keep your gadgets safe from theft.

Drops & accidental damage cover

Work devices are heavily used – and can be at risk for accidents. That's why we cover accidental damage, including cracked screens.

We don't cover cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the functionality of a device, like surface scratches and dents.

Liquid damage cover

Whether it's a tea-doused mobile or a coffee-covered tablet, don't worry: liquid damage is covered.

We expect you to take reasonable precautions to keep your gadgets safe from damage.

Worldwide cover

Planning work trips for your team? No problem. Our policy includes worldwide cover.

Replacements and repaired items can only be sent to UK addresses.

Mechanical breakdown cover

Your business relies on gadgets that work. Don't fret if a screen suddenly goes blank – mechanical breakdowns are covered.

We cover mechanical breakdowns after the manufacturer's warranty has run out.

Multi-gadget discounts

More devices = more discounts! You'll get 10% off your total policy price if you insure 2 or more gadgets.

Your discount will also apply to your monthly loss cover price, if you choose to add it.

Loss cover (optional)

Loss cover adds a layer of protection to our standard cover - and is only an extra £1.50 per month, per gadget.

Loss cover is not available for laptops, MacBooks, desktop PCs or PC monitors.

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Business Gadget Insurance

From £7.99 p/m*

Household Gadget Insurance

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Gadget Insurance

From £7.99 p/m*


An excess is the amount you will need to pay for any approved claim. The excess amount differs by product type and value, as well as by the claim type made (i.e damage, theft or loss). The excesses that apply to the item(s) you are insuring will be displayed in the ‘Plan info’ section as you set up your policy. Alternatively for more information, excesses for all items can be viewed on our excess page.

Excess payments cannot be made via American Express or Paypal. Loss cover is not available for laptops, Macbooks, PCs or PC Monitors.

"I have had the best experience with Protect Your Bubble! ...They were easy to deal with, the staff are great and I had a shiny new phone."
Rachel H.
"The process to submit a claim has been quick and easy and they have been helpful throughout."
"When I needed to make a claim they were very friendly and made the process as straight-forward as possible. I received my new handset very quickly."
Alison S.
Feefo rating 4.6 / 5

How to claim

  1. Tell us about any claim as soon as possible from discovering the loss, theft, breakdown or damage.

  2. If you need to claim for the loss or theft of your gadget, there are additional steps you will need to take. Click here to review them.

  3. You can make your claim by:
    Calling us on 0330 333 4792 (lines open Monday – Friday, 8am  8pm, and Saturday - Sunday, 9am - 6pm)
    Writing to us at Protect Your Bubble, PO Box 1033, Uxbridge, UB8 9PX

  4. A claims representative will walk you through the simple claims process and tell you what information and documents you will need to provide for us to assess your claim, like your proof of ownership or police reference number.

  5. Pay your excess and sit tight while we either repair your gadget or send you a replacement. Your excess will need to be paid before we can settle your claim.

Frequently asked questions

Am I covered if I bought my device from an auction site?
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No – we only cover gadgets that are either purchased as new, or that are purchased as refurbished directly from a manufacturer or network provider.

Please see our terms and conditions  for more information. 

Are cosmetic damages covered?
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We only cover damage if it stops the normal functioning of your gadget. Cracked screens are covered, but if your gadget has only suffered a scratch or dent, and still works as expected, then we will not repair or replace it.
Is there an age limit for the gadgets I want to insure?
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Yes – if you’re starting a new gadget policy or adding a gadget to an existing policy, your item/items need to be fewer than 12 months old.
Is there an excess fee?
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Yes – there is an excess fee for all successful claims which must be paid before your claim can be approved. The amount you will need to pay will vary depending on the type of device you have insured and the type of claim you are making. 

Please remember that you must have purchased loss cover for your gadget in order to claim for loss. Excess payments cannot be made via American Express or PayPal.

Excesses for all items can be viewed on our excess page.

Am I covered for incidents that occurred before my policy started?
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No, any incident prior to the start date of your insurance will not be covered. 
Is there a limit to how many times I can claim?
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While there is no limit to how many times you can claim for damage, there is a limit of 2 successful claims for loss or theft for each insured item in any 12-month period, beginning from the start date detailed on your certificate of insurance.
What happens if I give false information?
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We rely on the information you provide to us either online, over the phone or in writing to make decisions about your insurance and any claim. If you do not answer accurately and completely any questions we ask, we might invalidate your insurance and/or we might reject your claim.
What is MyBubble?
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MyBubble is our online account management portal for policyholders, with MyBubble you can:
- View your policy terms and conditions
- View your schedule of Insurance
- Change your personal details - your email, postal address and phone number

To get started, simply register your account with the exact details you used to originally buy your policy. To access MyBubble on return visits, simply use the “My Account” link in the top right-hand corner of our homepage to log in.

More about Business Gadget Insurance

Cover your business gadgets with Protect Your Bubble

How many laptops, smartphones, desktop PCs and tablets does your work force currently use? When you imagine the costs of replacing such gadgets in the event of an accident or theft, as well as the cost of lost productivity while your staff goes without them, the expense can really add up.

With Business Gadget Insurance from Protect Your Bubble, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that all of the devices your work force uses are covered in case of accidental damage, breakdowns, liquid damage and theft. You can also get extra protection by adding loss cover for an extra £1.50 per month, per gadget. (Loss cover is not available for laptops, desktop PCs or PC monitors.)

The best part? If you insure two or more gadgets, you'll get 10% off your policy price – including any loss cover costs.

Getting a quote for your gadgets is easy – just enter the information for all of the devices you'd like to cover, and you'll see your projected monthly price in seconds.

Think Business Gadget Insurance sounds like a smart purchase?

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