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Do each of your gadgets meet the following criteria?

1. Your gadget is in full working order and is not already damaged
2. Your gadget was purchased in the last 36 months and you have proof of purchase
3. Your gadget was purchased as new - OR - as refurbished directly from a manufacturer or network provider (not from an online outlet or high street retail store) - OR - from the Assurant approved retailers list

We’re sorry, but we can only insure new devices or manufacturer / network provider refurbished devices. If your device was purchased through an auction site or any other means we cannot provide you with a quote at this time.

Unfortunately we’re not able to insure items if they do not meet our eligibility criteria.

      • We can only insure devices that were purchased as new or refurbished from a manufacturer or network. We're also unable to insure phones purchased from auction sites or through other means.

Please remove any gadgets that are either already damaged or were not purchased new or refurbished from a manufacturer or carrier to continue.

      • We are also unable to insure devices that are already broken or damaged. However, if you have a broken Mobile Phone , we do have an alternative option that may work for you – find out more by clicking here.

Sorry, you are not able to insure your TV with our regular Gadget Insurance product.

TV cover is available with our Household Gadget Insurance product.

Sorry, you are not able to insure your TV with our Business Gadget Insurance product.

TV cover is available with our Household Gadget Insurance product.

You must have a minimum of 3 gadgets to proceed.
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* Please note we can only insure gadgets that are less than 36 months old.

We believe you may have received an incorrect price on the comparison website site you have visited, we’ll pick that up with them. Please check the quote information above, if the information we have is correct, the price you see displayed on our website will be correct to proceed with and purchase.

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I have had the best experience with Protect Your Bubble! ...They were easy to deal with, the staff are great and I had a shiny new phone.
Rachel H.
The process to submit a claim has been quick and easy and they have been helpful throughout.
When I needed to make a claim they were very friendly and made the process as straight-forward as possible. I received my new handset very quickly.
Alison S.

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