All about Digital Secure

You're protecting your gadgets. Now protect your identity.

Keep your identity secure for just £1.99 per month

Do you shop online? Do you manage your bank accounts from your phone, tablet or laptop? Have you ever entered personal information into an online form? Sharing personal data online has become commonplace, but it could make your information and identity more accessible to cyber criminals.

For just £1.99 a month, Digital Secure can help you prevent ID theft, help detect it early and help to resolve any issues should it happen. You'll get access to:

Online Credit Report Access – provided by Equifax: We give you unlimited access to your credit report online, including automatic alerts if there are any key changes to your credit report and status that could hint at fraudulent activity.

Web Detect – provided by Equifax: Web Detect alerts you if your personal and financial data is being shared online (like if someone is trying to sell it). If this does happen, our ID Fraud Helpline is there to help.

ID Fraud Helpline: If the worst comes to the worst and you find yourself a victim of ID Fraud, we’ll assign you a dedicated caseworker to help you along every step of the way. 

Card Support 365: Register your payment cards in one place – so you only have to call one number to cancel all of them should they be lost or stolen. Where possible, we can order replacements, too.

Legal assistance – powered by Law Match: You’ll get access to legal support and free consultations on a wide range of subjects from a list of carefully selected solicitors.

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