Jewellery Insurance - Key Exclusions & Conditions

When you make a claim, you must have valid proof of ownership in the form of original purchase receipt or gift receipt from the retailer that supplied the item(s), including date of purchase, purchase amount and retailer’s name.

For individual items worth over £5,000 you must have written confirmation that any gem settings have been maintained at least once every 3 years by a National Association of Goldsmiths registered jeweller.

In the event your item of jewellery is stolen you must report the theft to the police and obtain a crime reference number.

This is not a jewellery replacement or cash reimbursement policy. For items that are lost or stolen, or are unable to be repaired, claims will be fulfilled by the issue of a Jewellery Gift Card equivalent to the sum insured, at which point your policy will be cancelled and no further premiums will be collected. Once you redeem your gift card, any replacement item will not automatically be insured.

Items taken outside of your home are only covered for theft or accidental loss if they are worn, carried by hand or about your person, or if deposited in a locked safe or locker with the keys removed.

In addition to the conditions above, you're not covered for:

• Items of jewellery more than five years old at the point you purchased the policy
• Individual items of jewellery worth more than £15,000 (to a total value of £30,000 for multiple items)
• Mechanical breakdown of watches
• General wear and tear, minor denting or scratching
• Damage to items caused by failure to follow operating instructions
• Damage resulting from cleaning, restoration or maintenance.
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