5 Gadgets for this ski season

by Matt Tempest | Jan 26, 2017

Whilst not the most original or cheapest of picks, a ski gadget list wouldn’t be complete without the Go-Pro Hero 5, the latest innovation from Go-Pro features 4K video, 12 MP photos and is waterproof up to 10 metres without any casing. The company have also taken advantage of voice technology advancements and you can now operate your camera with voice control which is a great addition. Anyone who’s been on a mountain when it’s been below -10 degrees knows you don’t want to be taking your gloves off! The camera also allows playback, editing and previews on the camera. For those looking for a cheaper alternative the Y1 4K action camera provides great footage without all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the price.

Go-Pro Hero 5: £349.49

Link to Y1 4k £237.89

The Garmin Fenix 3 is undoubtedly the best smartwatch for anyone who likes to hit the piste. The Fenix 3 automatically tracks your individual runs whilst you’re up on the mountain. Providing you with real-time speed, distance and altitude data as well as providing all the other information you’d expect to see from a smartwatch such as heart rate, calories etc. The new auto pause feature allows you to instantly see how your run compared to others on the same day providing legitimacy to your king of the mountain claims at Après ski.

Garmin Fenix 3: £288.50


The PIQ Ski Boot sensor is ideal for anyone who is interested in the finer details and marginal gains. PIQ, in partnership with ski equipment company Rossignol have released a performance-tracking sensor that you attach to your ski boot. The waterproof sensor provides stats like edge to edge speed, air time, G-force as well as monitoring your carving angles. Speed tracking apps and monitors have been around for years but the PIQ tracker takes it to new levels. You can view real time data on the app as you go allowing you to work on your skiing throughout the day. You can even share your data and see how you rank compared to other PIQ users. If you’ve had a particularly pleasing afternoon on the slopes you can share your stats on social media.

PIQ boot sensor: £165.71


The Oakley Airwaves 1.5 goggles do far more than help you see on the mountain. These smart goggles provide a heads-up visual display right in front of your eyes! The display provides real-time information such as speed, altitude and jump breakdowns (height, airtime & distance) ideal if you spend a lot of time in snow parks. Whilst this sounds very distracting, the information is displayed on a 1 inch screen which Oakley say will never divert your attention from the slope. The integrated GPS feature allows you to track your route and perhaps even more importantly will tell you where your friends are should you get separated! (Only if they are wearing the Airwave goggles too)

Oakley Airwaves 1.5: From £328

The Hitcase Pro iPhone case is perfect for those who want to record video whilst on the mountain but don’t want to shell out a fortune for the Go Pro Hero range. Over the last 5 years the camera on the iPhone has really come on and now you can record in stunning 4k high definition. However filming on your phone doesn’t provide the same wide lens footage that you get with a Go Pro. The Hitcase Pro phone case has a built in wide lens allowing you to get that Go-Pro feel at a snip of the price whilst also being water and drop proof!

Hitcase Pro iPhone 7 Case: $89.99


If you’re concerned about accidentally damaging your mobile on the slopes you may want to consider mobile phone insurance from Protect Your Bubble, our policy covers your gadgets worldwide. You can insure multiple devices together and guard against theft, accidental damage & water damage. Find out more HERE

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