5 useful tips for protecting your iPhone

by Corinne Webb | Apr 28, 2011

When you first get your new iPhone, and you have marvelled at the packaging, undergone the ritualistic opening ceremony, and you start to appreciate the sheer beauty of its sleekness and shininess, you already know it is a wonderful thing to behold. The moment you peel off the protective film layer, and you caress its smooth, cool curves, you want that feeling of ‘newness’ to last. You want to have the same experience every time you pick it up.

The trouble is, as soon as you have opened it, as soon as you wipe your dirty great greasy finger on the unlock swipe, you rapidly become aware that the feeling has gone forever.

Well, almost. Here are some tips and techniques to help you protect your iPhone from damage, and to make the experience of day-to-day use as rewarding and awe-inspiring as that very first time.

1.Get yourself a screen protector. Although this measure will stop your iPhone from looking its best in day-to-day use, once you take off the protector, it will be like putting on its Sunday Best.


2. Give it a home. Your iPhone is just like a pet, it needs a place to sleep. Somewhere where it can’t get knocked onto the floor. If you can put it somewhere it can feed too, like a charging dock, all the better.


3. Give it something to wear. If you keep your iPhone in your pocket with your loose change, or in your handbag rattling around with your keys, the chances are it’s going to get scratched.



4. Keep it dry. Your iPhone hates the water. One thing guaranteed to break your iPhone is dropping it over the side of your yacht. Or speedboat. Or bath. Wet cell phone rescue. Wrap your gadget in a good, sturdy set of waterproofs.


5. Insure it. You can keep your iPhone safe from all the above by just getting a cheap insurance policy for it. So if you do drop it onto the hard floor, or if it finds its way overboard, at least you can get a new one, and have that pleasure thing all over again.


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