After using your first Smartphone, there’s no going back

by PYB James | May 01, 2011

So you’ve graduated to Smartphone level, and the excitement over your first mobile phone now seems futile. Gone are the days of ‘brick’ phones that weigh more than your wallet or purse. Although some of us do keep hold of old mobile handsets because of the sentimental value, it will never compare to a sleek new Smartphone.

What makes a Smartphone, so smart?  Every user has their own reasons for sticking to their Smartphone. Some are drawn in by function, some by style and some want a mobile phone with the most advanced features. This list outlines the five most popular reasons behind Smartphone addiction.

1. Drawing attention

The style, shape and size of Smartphones on the market keep improving. The new devices are becoming lighter and more dynamic. Some impressive features include a slide-out keyboard, 12-megapixel camera and top of the range graphics.

2. Pocket computer

A Smartphone has so many features, programmes and settings that are similar to a PC and laptop; it really is like carrying around a computer in the form of a mobile phone.

3. Work n’ walk

Advance software can allow some Smartphone users to use or view Microsoft Office programmes on their device.

4. Internet access

Sending e-mails from your phone has to be one of the major advantages of using a Smartphone. Browsing the web on your mobile is incredibly practical for users that are constantly on the move.

5. Entertainment on tap

There’s a gallery of mobile applications and games out there to keep users entertained for a few hours and more. Smartphone users can also watch full length videos and enjoy clear, uninterrupted video calling on their mobile phone.

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