Apple launch app store for Macs with 1,000 apps

by PYB James | Jan 01, 2011

Having announced the development in October of last year, Apple launched an applications store for Macintosh computers on Thursday (6th Jan) in a move to try and replicate the massive success the California based company has had with apps for the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple want to take the ‘easy-to-use’ and easy to download software phenomenon of apps to desktops and laptops and the new app store initially stocks more than 1,000 computer apps in 21 different categories, which include games, education and lifestyle.

Users wishing to access the store must ensure that they have Mac Operating System X v10.6.6 update installed.

Steve Jobs, the CEO and founder of Apple, commented, “With more than 1,000 apps, the Mac App Store is off to a great start. We think users are going to love this innovative new way to discover and buy their favourite apps.”

The new app store contains some apps developed by Apple themselves including word processor and presentation package apps, which will both be priced at $19.99. Meanwhile, as with the app stores for iPhone and iPad the new store sells apps from third party developers including the Angry Birds game from Rovio Mobile Ltd., for $4.99.

While many of the companies that will contribute apps they already have software for the Mac that can be downloaded online, the Mac App Store format just makes it easier for consumers to search for, find and install apps. Once the apps are on the desktop consumers are then more inclined to interact and use the app than access similar features via a browser.

It is early in the day for the new app store with just over 1,000 apps available. The iPhone app store, however, launched with 800 applications in 2008 and now features more than 300,000 apps.

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