Could your Smartphone or Tablet help you get your Dream Job?

by SiteAdmin1 | Aug 01, 2013

Whether you are a recent graduate, looking to return to work after a break or simply in need of a new challenge, securing a new job can be a tough and time consuming process. First you need search through endless lists of job descriptions, write what feels like an award winning CV, brush up on your interview skills and then negotiate your salary. Not to mention ensuring that you actually have the desirable skills and qualifications for the job in the first place.

Job hunting is no easy task, but luckily there are a number of great apps available to you to make the process a little easier. Our step by step guide below identifies the apps available on the market that could help you secure your next job.



The Apps you may need to secure your next job:


1. Finding your job

Searching through available jobs to find the right one can be a time consuming exercise, so it makes sense to do it when you have some spare time. Luckily there are a number of apps designated to making the job search process a little easier. Using a job search app will allow you to connect to your favorite online job boards  and search vacancies using location or keywords. You can also save your searches and set up email alerts to ensure that you never miss an opportunity. We have listed some of the best apps that can be used to browse and apply for jobs anywhere and anytime.

Monster job search

CV-Library HD

The List UK - Job Search 

2. Writing your CV

Once you have found your dream job vacancy, it pays to have an updated CV and the great news is there is an app to help you with that too. CV writer, available from the app store for £1.99, provides you with an on the go platform to write, edit, format and save your CV. It comes complete with 800 phases written by recruiters that can be included and edited within your CV with just a couple of taps. Once you have done the initial searching for the right words, it makes it easy to include the right phases, especially if you struggle to know what ‘buzzwords’ to use. This app gives you a great starting point, and you just need to make sure that the rest of your CV mimics the tone of voice. One of the best things about CV writer is it saves as you go along, so you don’t risk losing your work. As you only need an internet connection when uploading or emailing your CV, you can get working on it anywhere.

3. Preparing for your interview

So, hopefully you’ve landed yourself a job interview thanks to your on the go job searches and your brilliant CV writing skills? Now to nail the job interview. Job interview Question – Answer is a good way to get help with answering the most tricky interview questions. It is a free and interactive video app that allows you practice your answers to tough interview questions in an easy-to-use mock interview format. One of the better things about this app compared to others is you can record yourself and watch it back, so that you can try and improve on your previous answers, body language and facial expressions. Once you have had a go at giving your own answers you can gain some help from a professional and watch job interview coach Peggy McKee give her answers to the questions, so that you can learn how to make an impression. It’s got some great reviews too and according to its description on the App store website, Career Confidential shared this tool with 3000 members on their website and 99% said it improved their interview skills.

4. Negotiating your salary

You may have been lucky enough to secure the salary you are after, but even so, it’s worth knowing how to negotiate money in future as this is a subject that many people struggle with. Jobjuice Salary negotiation shows you how to master the salary negotiation process by providing tips and techniques to help you navigate all stages of the salary negotiating process. Although the app costs £10.49, it could be a worthwhile investment to help you gain the confidence you need to ask for more if you think you are worth more. The confidence skills learnt can be applied to other situations too so even if you are not successful in gaining a salary increase, you will have developed some great skills and the ability to sell yourself with confidence in the future.

Once you start your new job there are even a number of apps that can help you to stay connected and on top of your game in the workplace. We take a look at the best apps for business here. Remember if you rely on your phone to help with any aspect of your working life then you could be really stuck without it. That’s why Protect your bubble offers Business Gadget Insurance; so that you can stay focused should anything happen to your trusty gadgets.

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