BBC reported to be working on 3D radio

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

3D movies have made a spectacular comeback in 2010 and are here to stay, as viewers increasingly show demand for more 3D content, and now 3D radio could become a reality.

Surround sound systems already attempt to reproduce life-like audio experiences and now the BBC is experimenting with 3D radio which aims to give the impression of a total immersion in sound, with speakers place above, behind and in front of listeners.

The Telegraph newspaper reported a BBC spokesman as saying, “BBC Research and Development are committed to investigating 3D sound’s potential but these investigations are still firmly rooted in the realms of research. The BBC won't be launching a service in the foreseeable future".

Although large scale testing and introduction of the technology therefore appears to be a while away, the possibilities could be fascinating – with live streaming via the web and the creation of cinema style speaker systems for the home improving the listener experience. 3D radio could also be an interesting – and potentially confusing! – element to add to cars, so designers would need to figure out that headache.

The BBC has been in the headlines recently for another piece of radio technology development as it has launched HD Sound on BBC Radio 3 via the web.

The British broadcaster has been at the forefront in several recent technological developments and its iPlayer system is used by millions to catch up on radio and TV content.

The iPlayer could evolve further in the coming months as the BBC is involved in YouView, a collective of broadcasting and tech partners who are aligning to drive forward the launch of IPTV (internet television) in 2011.

The BBC’s online developments, and their continued trials of technology such as HD Sound and 3D radio certainly have audiences on the edge of their seats and industry insiders glued to their blogs as they try to second guess what will be next.

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