Before You Buy: Top 3 Things to Consider Prior to Making a Gadget Purchase

by Corinne Webb | Feb 07, 2011

Most of us love technology and, with every new innovation, it seems like gadgets are becoming a more integral part of our daily lives.   Whether you are part of a busy family carrying multiple mobile phones, laptops, or mp3s as part of your daily essentials; an on-the-go professional relying on tablets, computers, and office equipment to get the job done; or a modern household watching TV, reading on a kindle, and taking pictures with your digital cameras, gadgets are everywhere you go.

That is why the failure of any of these devises can cause a real disruption in people lives.  So how can you reduce your chances of being impacted?  What elements should you consider before purchasing a gadget in order to avoid some of the most common technological issues people face?  Most of it has nothing to do with being careful—it is about making smart gadget choices and considerations before you purchase.  Three things you should focus on.

Lifestyle – This may seem like an obvious point to make, but you’ll be amazed how many people do not do this.  For example:

  • Busy working parents should consider a smartphone that allows them to multitask and share pictures of their families all from one location.  Yes, they are more expensive than non-smart phones but, because of all the included elements today (e.g. GPS, camera and video, etc.) you’ll need fewer gadgets in the end and save money.
  • Entrepreneurs who have equipment they rely on in order to grow and accommodate today’s real-time work pace.  Savvy business people don’t let equipment limitations  and failures risk their competitive edge.

Durability- This is something that parents seem to have front and center when they are buying toys for their children, but not when they are buying gadgets for themselves.  Don’t forget:

  • Gadgets are often shared by friends and family. Whether it is a mobile phone or a gaming consol, if other people need to handle it, it is more prone for disaster.  Look at different models (and protectors) to accommodate this need.
  • Covers, Covers, and more Covers.

Extended Warranty Insurance – Think about how much you utilize your gadgets (and how much more it would cost you if you didn’t have access to them).  Consider:

  • Costs significantly less than repairs – There is a wide range in gadget costs but, whether you spent a lot or a little, repairing gadgets will run you almost the same price of repairing it.  Not many people can make investments in a new gadget every time it breaks, but they can usually spare the cost of one or two cups of coffee a month to maintain them.
  • Online options keeping prices low – You no longer need to get insurance at the retail stores.  These days you can insure your iPhone through an App right on your iPhone!  Insurance has become incredibly convenient and cost effective online –two components that most gadget owners can probably relate to.

So remember, next time you go into the store looking for a new gadget, remember the three key elements to consider before you purchase –lifestyle, durability and extended warranty insurance.  Doing your homework around these elements will not only help extend the life of your gadget, but also give you the peace of mind you deserve in order to truly benefit from your important purchase.

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