Before You Buy Your Next Gadget at the Store – Don’t Forget This!

by Corinne Webb | Feb 16, 2011

You’ve researched the best products and prices for your next mobile phone, laptop, or general gadget.  What about hidden savings that also protect your gadgets?

You may have spent hours reading reviews, complaints, product specifications and maybe even taking suggestions from customers in forums and friends in social networks about what gadget to buy.  However, most people don’t complete their research before entering the store.  More specifically, they don’t research elements like product accessories or extended warranty/ insurance that you would need along with your product.  These extras can make a tremendous difference from a cost and customer experience perspective.

Out of all the elements that most people forget to research – extended warranties/insurance is probably the most common.  When asked at check out if they would like to protect their new gadget, people either say yes (and take the option provided at the store) or say no altogether.  Either way, they have either paid too much for not enough coverage, or put themselves at risk for paying a lot more to keep their gadget operational in the future.  Most people assume the in-store option provide the best product, but that is not always the case.  Online options are keeping these companies on their toes and offering consumers great products.  Consider:

- Savings - Options – Many online insurance companies allow you to cover the product after you’ve left the store –giving you time to shop and select the best plan for you. - Customer Care with online insurance companies is web-based and instantaneous ---specialized to serve the needs of busy online customers. - Claim Processing is electronic with online insurance groups ---making it faster to get help as needed. - Ease of Payment – online insurance providers accept any form of payment and usually offer a variety of payment plan options

Next time you begin to research on the best price for your next iPhone, iPad, blackberry, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget that you need to keep your lifestyle going, be sure to do research on extended warranties/insurance too.  That way you’ll be able to purchase the right product (and the right protection for it) at the right price.  Nothing makes a gadget more enjoyable than the peace of mind it can bring when it comes into our lives the right way.

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