The Best Recipe Apps available for your iPad or iPhone

by SiteAdmin1 | Jul 17, 2013

Gone are the days of keeping expansive cookbooks or recipe note cards thrown around the kitchen. It has been said that there is an app for almost everything, and cooking is certainly no exception. Whether you are a passionate cook or just like to experiment in the kitchen then you can now have instant access to the recipes and tools you require to cook up a culinary delight, right at your fingertips.  For those who love healthy cooking, vegetarian cooking or  love to grill, we take a look at the best recipe apps available to help you whip up delicious dishes for you and your family  to enjoy.


Best Apps for iPhone and iPad users:

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

If you are after a free app then Epicurious recipes and shopping list is a great choice!  With over 30,000 recipes, from the many magazines that you love, you can get a vast array of recipes from top chefs in one simple to use app. Not only that, but you can email recipes and food shopping lists to your friends or family members and you can even browse through reviews that are listed for each recipe by other members on the site.

The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy

If you are more of a visual kind of person then this may be the recipe app for you. Available for £2.49 The Photo Cookbook is like an easy to follow, private cooking course in your own kitchen. There is emphasis on preparation with every recipe starting with a photograph of all the ingredients you need to begin cooking so that you can visually check you have everything you need. Pictures are used to demonstrate each simple step and instructions are clear and easy to follow meaning that you can prepare great meals with ease.

Weber’s On the Grill™

For £2.99, Weber's on the Grill is the app for those who love to BBQ, and love grilling. With over 265 recipes, along with 40 dedicated only to making great sauces and marinades, then you can find it all here. This app makes it easy to create your own shopping list so you don’t forget anything when shopping and can can be fully prepared. When it comes to cooking, this app even has its own timer that ensures you don’t over or under grill anything you are preparing. All this makes it a great addition to summer.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

For the health conscious, whole foods also offers a free app for you to try out. Here you will find a number of healthy, great tasting recipes you and your family will love. With all natural and organic ingredients, along with vegetarian, gluten free, and low fat recipes, you can make healthy meals with ease. The app also gives you nutritional information along with the cooking instructions which takes the guess work out of it and allows you to serve your family and guests only the most wholesome of recipes.


Real Simple magazine provides another app for those that are short on time. Over 850 recipes, coming in at under 40 minutes of cook time, this is the perfect app for those on the go. If you prep ahead of time, then you can cook your meals even quicker, meaning that you can produce a great meal when short of time. With low cal, fun recipes and ideas, you and the whole family are bound to enjoy the great tastes, and simple dishes you can create with this great cooking and recipe guide app.

Sweet'N'Spicy Vegetarian Recipes

Sweet'N'Spicy Vegetarian Recipes is the largest collection of Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Foods and Recipes. It is easy to browse and you will find a list of ingredients 4500 + recipes and also 1000+ video recipes. With so many options you will be spoilt for choice if cooking for yourself or preparing to entertain vegetarian guests. If you aren't keen on a recipe then you have the option to find an alternative recipe and calories and allergies information are clearly visible for most recipes.

Will so many apps available for cooking among other things, it’s clear to see why an iPad or iPhone is a great investment.  If you rely on yours to assist with just about everything then it’s a great idea to make sure you have the right insurance for your tech.

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