BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 16, 2012

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Reviewed

BlackBerry Bold 9900

The BlackBerry 9900 is the most extraordinary headset with skinniest model has become so popular with its high quality and functionality. Powerful 1.2 GHz single core processor adds a lot to its performance. The automatically updated functioning system is the most appreciating plus point.

It can be used as wonderful satellite navigation device with its OS integrated map and excellent zooming facility which will aid you to locate your target location instantly. One of the most remarkable features of BlackBerry 9900 is its fusion of NFC technology. Near Field Technology is a latest technique which permits the handset to store details of debit card of the owner. This will enhance your comfort of debit card usage and prevents the fraudulent actions.

The frontage of the phone accommodates a 2.8 inch TFT touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. With this features sending message feels to be convenient and quickest task. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a lavish 8GB for internal storage which will be surely appreciated by music lovers and photograph lovers. With a micro SD slot which can hold 32 GB memory card, you can have huge collection of music and photographs. It offers excellent Internet browsing features with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The BlackBerry 9900 Bold has a 5 megapixel camera with a pixel resolution of 2592x1944. So you can enjoy a wonderful photographic experience. Other notable features of camera are LED flashlight and image stabilization. Apps such as Facebook can now be enjoyed properly from this mobile handset. Integrated speaker and microphone, with hand free and Bluetooth headsets are some of other amazing features that brings wide acceptance to the handset.

With your BlackBerry 9900 handset you can enjoy all advanced amenities at your fingertips. However many incidents can touch your handset that may turn it worthless such as fortuitous damage or theft. Meanwhile you are each time on the road, your BlackBerry 9900 also will be moving. This can expose it to mishaps such as plunging it on the ground or getting it knocked off of a desk. It may also get surrender to liquid damage from a swill that is set alongside of it or else from the drizzle.

All these made the mobile phone insurance a must. If you are not willing to have your BlackBerry 9900 insurance then you will have to pay its full cost from your pocket in case of mishaps. Taking BlackBerry Phone insurance you can enjoy your life without concerning about the accidents that may occur to your precious handset and causing inconvenience. This will keep you free of stress.

Some major covers are following

  • Theft Cover: it will assure your BlackBerry handset in case your phone is stolen.
  • Liquid damage: If your handset is subjected to accidental water splashes or being dropped in the toilet (yes, it does happen!); then this insurance will compensate for your loss.
  • Accidental damage: Handset will be repaired and if damaged beyond repair, will be completely replaced.

If you decide to get yourself a BlackBerry 9900 insurance be sure to get it insured as soon as it arrives.

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