BlackBerry insurance: learn from your Aunty

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

Perhaps you think that you don’t need BlackBerry insurance? After all, you’re a careful and responsible gadget user – so it couldn’t happen to you.

Think again!

News has been released that in a two year period between 2008-2010 the BBC had gadgets stolen to the value of around a quarter of a million pounds*.The list of items stolen (or lost – but one may presume that many of the lost items were, in fact, due to theft) is quite incredible:

  • 146 laptops;
  • 65 mobile phones;
  • 17 BlackBerrys.

There is no obvious reason to assume the BBC employees are any liklier to be more careless or robbery-prone than any other group – in fact, perhaps an assumption to the contrary may be safer. What this means for Blackberry’s and mobile phones is that they’re vulnerable and yours may be no exception. So if you’re a Blackberry devotée you may spend a lot of time thinking about issues relating to the latest RIM apps, but maybe a little less time thinking about the more mundane subject of BlackBerry insurance might be time well spent.

It’s particularly important doing so in the run-in to Christmas.  Perhaps you’ve decided to treat yourself to a Blackberry upgrade or you’re hoping to get one as a present. Even if you already have one, Chrismas and the New Year fesitivites can encourage people to be a little less careful with their BlackBerry phones and laptops and yours could end up as a pile of parts on the floor in the blink of an eye.

Once upon a time, previous generations knew the BBC as ‘Aunty’. There’s also an old saying that you can learn a lot from old Aunties. Perhaps this is time to think about how easily Aunty BBC was relieved of such a lot of equipment in such a short period of time and draw conclusions from that about the risks we face.

It might be time to find out a bit more about Blackberry and mobile phone insurance!


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