BlackBerry Torch vs iPhone 4

by PYB James | Nov 01, 2010

If you are thinking about Blackberry insurance, then presumably you own or are thinking of owning, a BlackBerry. If so, you may have caught at least some of the market debate about how the BlackBerry Torch stacks up against Apple’s iPhone 4.

Here are a few observations about these two great mobile phones and the debate. Talking about technology is almost secondary in one sense because discussions on iconic style come to the fore. Certainly in terms of the mass consumer marketplace, appearance is a very big factor behind the choice of phone. Few people would dispute that, attractive as the Blackberry Torch is, Apple and the iPhone raised the bar in terms of design panache.

Even at its release, some people were commenting that the Torch did have a sort of ‘same old story’ 90s look about it that meant it might struggle to make inroads into Apple’s domain. Early sales figures are beginning to indicate that the prediction may have been right.

The iPhone is also sometimes rated more highly than the Torch in terms of mass-market friendly features such as its superior camera, screen resolution and big selection of fun Apps.

Here, the story is a bit different. Many professional ‘heavyweight users’ still find the Torch’s full QWERTY keyboard to be invaluable.  Although the figures are disputed, many say that the Torch’s battery life is considerably better than that of the iPhone and many of the Apps are rather more tailored towards business as opposed to recreational use (though they’re also typically more expensive than Apps for the iPhone). The BlackBerry can also take a MicroSD card that will increase the memory up to 32GB.

Some reviewers have pointed out that the iPhone has also, perhaps justifiably, taken a lot of flak on the quality of its call connections and clarity – not something desirable in a device that is, after all, meant to be primarily a phone! The BlackBerry seems to receive no such complaints – a big plus for business users.

So, the Torch may continue to score points in one domain and the iPhone the other.

Don’t forget though that if your Torch has become indispensable in your business operation, then it might be prudent to protect it with BlackBerry insurance.

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