Britain’s Most Useless Gadgets Revealed

by PYB James | Sep 01, 2010

Electric candles have been named the most useless gadget of all time.

The flameless candles look just like their traditional counterparts but don’t need to be lit and are powered by batteries or electricity.

Some even flicker like a real candle.

But it seems they haven’t won over the nation, with the device coming top in the poll of most useless gadgets ever created.

Second place went to electric nail files, while laser-guided scissors came third.

Stephen Ebbett from gadget insurer, which carried out the study, said: ‘’Some gadgets might seem like a great idea when you first see them, but often, once you get them home, you soon realise you have no use for them.”

‘’We seem to be drawn in when we see a gadget which looks like it could make our lives easier, but in reality, they are more likely to spend their lives sitting at the back of a cupboard.”

‘’Some are even left in the wrapper.”

‘’But sometimes, as is the case with the electric candle, it’s can be just as quick and easy to go for the normal version instead of a fancy gadget.’’

Fourth place in the poll of 3,000 Brits is the breadmaker which allows people to easily bake their own bread.

The egg slicer was at number five, followed by the egg boiler and back scratcher.

Electric fluff removers, a fondue set and a mini disk player completed the top ten.

Other useless gadgets to feature in the top 20 include the classic Sodastream at number 15, a teasmade at 17 and a foot spa at 19.

But the mobile phone was named as the best gadget of all time, closely followed by the iPhone, digital camera, laptop and sat nav.

Researchers also found that three quarters of people have bought a gadget they have rarely or never used, with almost 30 per cent admitting to taking something back to the shop because they thought it was useless.

And more than half have regretted buying a gadget because once they got it home they realised they had no use for it.

Worryingly, the study also revealed that the average Brit will spend more than £540 on things they will never use over a lifetime.

Stephen Ebbett from Protect your bubble added: ‘’Whilst many gadgets are destined for the back of the cupboard, some like the mobile phone and laptop have become indispensable – so it pays to get them insured.”

Top 20 most useless gadgets of all time.

  1. Electric candles
  2. Electric nail files
  3. Laser guided scissors
  4. Bread maker
  5. Egg slicer
  6. Egg boiler
  7. Back scratcher
  8. Electric fluff remover
  9. Fondue set
  10. Mini disk player
  11. Yoghurt maker
  12. Back Massagers
  13. Cocktail shaker and stirrer
  14. Electric carving knife
  15. Sodastream
  16. Facial tanners
  17. Teas made
  18. Waffle iron
  19. Foot spa
  20. Towel warmer

Top ten gadgets of all time

  1. Mobile phone
  2. iPhone
  3. Digital camera
  4. Laptop
  5. GPS/Sat nav
  6. PC
  7. iPod
  8. Sky+
  9. Digital photo frame
  10. Flat screen TV

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