5 Fantastic Business Apps for Your iPhone

by SiteAdmin1 | Jun 28, 2013

With so many apps available, it can be hard to identify the ones that are right for you.  If you are a business owner or always on the go with work then there are several business apps available to iPhone users that could be truly invaluable. From sending a fax from your phone, to brainstorming with co workers wherever you are, or having control from your office computer when you are away, these apps can do it all for you.

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The 5 Best Business Apps for your iPhone


Dragon Diction

With this free app, you can take notes or create ideas, without ever having to strike a key on your keyboard. Like Dragon software for your PC, this scaled down version for your smart phone allows you to simply speak the words or text to your iPhone, and it will dictate the text in to a concise format for you.


If you want to send or receive faxes from any location, this free app is another must have for business owners. Especially if you do business with clients in this format, this app allows you to work on the go, and send faxes, regardless of where you are. You can simply send a file that is on your iPhone, or you can snap a photo on your phone, and send this fax out when you are on the run.  So you don’t have to wait until you are back in the office to conduct business, but can continue to contact clients when you are on the run.


Have you ever had a great idea, and forgot it a few minutes later? With this free app, you can record your voice, take a quick photo, make note, or record that great idea in any other form, and save it to your file folders. The app will automatically save it is a project or idea concept for you, so, you will never miss out on a million dollar idea again as you can store it when you think of it, right on your phone for free.


Accessing all files that are on your work PC is now possible right on your iPhone with this free app. Not only can you access the files, you can edit or add notes to saved files as well. If you work from home and the office, or want to do some work when you are out and about, this app gives you the capabilities to do just that.

Documents to go (Premium office suite)

Although this app costs £13.99, it is another must have for those on the go. You can access PDF, word, access, excel, spreadsheets, and other documents through the app; you can access cloud and other online storage mediums as well, allowing you to make your iPhone the personal desktop you require, anywhere, and at any time.

These apps only touch the surface of what you can do with your iPhone. If you are  looking to ensure your business is on top of its game, these apps, along with several others available for business use, are going to make your iPhone, the personal on the go PC it needs to be.

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