Could the LG G5 change the mobile industry forever?

by SiteAdmin1 | Apr 06, 2016

The LG G5

LG have taken a bold step with their latest flagship phone, the LG G5 which is set to launch in the UK on April 8th. Amongst other new features, the phone features a modular system which allows users to plug in accessories to enhance the phone for the users various needs. Take a look below to see all the new features of the LG G5. This new feature represents something completely different and an exciting shift into what phones of the future could do. The question is will it catch on?

Modular Design

As mentioned the G5 will allow users to plug in various accessories into the phones magic port which can be bought as add-ons to enhance usability. At release there will be two different accessories. The camera grip will provide enhanced battery power so you don’t run low on juice if you’re being snap happy, a separate shutter button and a jog dial zoom allows you to take better photos. The second accessory is the Bang & Olufsen's play which promises an enhanced audio experience as well as an extra jack port. These aren’t the most exciting of accessories and wouldn’t be enough for us to switch to the G5. However LG are encouraging 3rd parties to develop their own accessories so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Swap batteries

As well as switching modular accessories out of the bottom of the phone you’ll have the ability to switch in new batteries in seconds if your current one runs out giving you enough power to take advantage of all the features the LG G5 brings to the table. This feature also sets it aside from any other big name phone on the market as this is virtually impossible in any flagship phone in 2016.

Double Camera

Ever been in an absolutely spectacular location and not been able to quite capture what you see on camera? Well the new double camera on the back of the phone begins to address the problem.  When engaged the extra lens gives users the ability to take photos up to a 135 degree angle which is wider than the human eye although in use the camera quality will drop to 8 MP. However if you’re looking for a higher quality of photo the single camera takes photos at 16 MP.

Always On Screen

The LG G5 will feature an always on screen. You may think this will drain battery dramatically however the guys at LG think it will actually save you battery as you won’t have to constantly flick your phone on to check the time. The screen will display notifications from Gmail and Whatsapp which sets it aside from Samsung’s G7 always on screen which is limited in what items it displays.

Finger Scanner on the Rear

The LG G5 has a fingerprint scanner on the back which is different in convention from the front. The problem is that if you have your phone on your desk every day you either have to pick your phone up and unlock it or input your code. A small problem in the grand scheme of things but in a fiercely competitive market usability is everything

Ultimately this is a seriously impressive smartphone featuring some pretty cool new wave thinking which could potentially change the way we see phones forever. However what remains to be seen is if it will take off. For the G5 to be a success it’s going to need 3rd party developers and consumers alike to embrace the concept and we’re just not sure whether that will happen given LG doesn’t have the same cult following a company like Apple has. Regardless we salute LG for breaking smartphone convention and changing it up. After all, Innovation is what got Apple where they are today.

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