Do you want iPhone insurance for Christmas?

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

If one of your nearest and dearest asked you whether you want cheap iPhone insurance for Christmas this year, you’d probably assume they were joking – or had lost their sanity! Yet it might not be quite as strange an idea as it sounds.

It’s reported that each year in the UK, approximately 100,000 mobile phones are stolen and recycled*. Many of them end up overseas where they can be re-used. That’s an awful lot of phones so, for a start, thinking along the lines of “it could never happen to me” might be risky.

It is also worth considering that the iPhone is still relatively new to the market and may be particularly attractive to thieves. Finally, keep in mind that these risks don’t only apply to iPhones. Your iPad, camera or other gadgets may be equally vulnerable.

The idea that cheap iPhone insurance for Christmas may also not appear quite as outlandish when you think that this is a time of year when people and iPhones may be additionally vulnerable.  Pubs, clubs, parties and alcohol, are all ingredients that may help thieves prosper or accidents to happen.

Unfortunately, you can’t get an App that will keep your phone safe and guarantee it won’t become victim to such events.  In fact, not even iPhone insurance can actually stop those things happening – but it may be able to help shield you from the worst of the financial effects. That may also include, in the case of some policies, the guarantee that the insurance provider will replace your phone within 48 hours of your claim being approved.

It may be relatively unlikely that anyone is seriously going to consider buying you iPhone insurance for Christmas. So, you may want to think about treating yourself to its protection and even protection for all your other gadgets. It could help you ring in the New Year with just a little more peace of mind.


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