Downloaded Mobile Apps Only Used Once

by PYB James | Feb 01, 2011

New Study Shows Mobile Apps Downloaded Are Used Just Once

 New findings show that almost over a quarter of all the mobile phone applications that were downloaded in 2010, were used just once.
The research, by analyst Localytics, reveals that 26 per cent of the downloaded apps over the year were just used one time, meaning customers seem never to give the app a second try.
The company studied thousands of applications from Blackberry, Window’s Phone 7, iPhone, iPad and Google’s Android platform using its real-time app analytics service.
It is now advising all companies to make that first impression count and to understand real customer engagement.
The results showed that for customers using an app for the very first time between January and March, about 22 per cent of them never opened the app again.
In the second and third quarters, the rate of one-time usage was flat at 26 per cent.
One-time usage grew to over 28 per cent in the fourth quarter; averaging the statistics off to just over a quarter.
Recently, it was suggested the 10 billionth app was downloaded from the Apple App store; proving the extreme popularity of the technology.

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