Ericsson to upgrade O2 Northern Network

by PYB James | Jan 28, 2011

Telecommunications provider Ericsson have begun a project with O2 to expand and upgrade the company's network in the North of England.

The scheme will provide better coverage for customers, as well as more reliable audio fidelity and data transfer.

Whilst initially supporting 3G and HPSA download speeds of 42 Mbps, the technology is fully future-proof, standing prepared for technologies such as 4G.

The scheme will take three years to complete, and will employ mobile base stations and high-tech 'Mobile Switch' blade technology, a far more economic and ecological solution compared to current systems.

Nokia-Seimens handles O2's network in areas south of Birmingham, but no similar deal has yet been announced.

O2's chief UK technology officer Nigel Purdy stated that “The modernised core network will be capable of greater capacity at a reduced operational cost, allowing for site consolidation through a smaller footprint... our nationwide investment programme is centred on providing a better experience for our customers today and will set us on the road to building a ‘smarter’ future for tomorrow.

“We pride ourselves on being the UK’s home of the smartphone, pioneering the explosion in mobile data, and we focus on provisioning our network accordingly.”

An Ericsson spokesman released the following statement; “With the ever increasing demands on networks from mobile broadband applications and the UK’s love of smartphones, O2’s network modernisation really addresses the needs of their customers both immediately and into the future, with the ability to deliver continuing improvements to support the customer experience.”

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