Is it Possible to Get An Extended Warranty After You Leave the Store?

by Corinne Webb | Feb 09, 2011

While we begin to settle in and really start enjoying our new gadgets, you may be wondering how you lived without it (and deep inside thinking that perhaps you should’ve gotten that extended warranty that was offered at the store.  Good news is that, contrary to popular belief, YES you can get an extended warranty after you leave the store.

In fact, the online insurance industry has grown tremendously –offering consumers incredible savings to protect their new shinny gadgets and offering equal if not better protection than the big retail companies.  If you denied buying an extended warranty while at the store, don’t be too hard on yourself, it is probably one of the wisest decisions you’ve made!  Here are a few reasons why:

Cost Savings – Generally speaking the costs of online insurance is about half the price of the same (or inferior product) at the store.  By walking out of the store (and purchasing online insurance instead) you have already saved.

Consumer Freedom – While utilizing online extended warranty sites, you navigate on your own (and don’t have deal with a sales agent pressuring you to make a specific selection).  You’ll also find other insurance packages you may be interested in (leveraging bundle pricing).  In some cases, you can even manage and troubleshoot your account online or via your smartphone!

Better Service – Word of mouth is everything for a company –particularly if they are online.  They want to provide good service so that others will talk about them on the web.  No company is perfect but, because online extended warranty agencies are very attuned to this, consider taking a leap of faith.  It may be the best service you’ve received in years.

Next time you purchase a gadget and refuse the extended warranty –don’t feel too bad.  You’re probably on your way to capturing huge savings and offering your wonderful gadget more protection.  Well done.

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