Freebies for iPhones and iPhone insurance

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

Having iPhone insurance might be a smart move because it may help you replace your iPhone in the event something goes wrong. That may be very useful because the iPhone marketplace is really buzzing now with large numbers of new apps around.  They’re all helping to make the iPhone an indispensable part of many lives and doing without one might be inconceivable.

An interesting fact about this app growth is how many are now being offered on a try-before-you-buy basis. It is clear that this sales method applies to a substantial percentage of the top-rated apps. Top 10 apps such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope have both been released as a ‘Lite’ versions to entice people to buy the full games.

In fact, the “demo sample” approach has a long history in gaming and software, and goes way back to the days before the iPhone and iPad. Back in the 60s and 70s, when electronic gadgets were mainly restricted to the big company environment, it was quite normal to be able to install demo (or even full) versions of new software onto systems before you actually purchased it.

Oddly though, the arrival of home and domestic computing and then gadgets such as the iPhone seemed to knock that approach on the head a bit. Many software providers simply wanted payment up front and if you didn’t subsequently like it, well, tough! Yet this ran counter to the gamers’ domain where demo versions were made available.

So, the recent move of the Apps community towards a more flexible approach is welcomed – though it’s perhaps not quite the revolutionary innovation that some of them appear to think it is.

Sadly, iPhone insurance can’t really be “tried out” in advance and returned if you don’t like it.  That’s why taking your time in selecting a policy that is suitable for your needs, is highly advisable. Keep in mind that Christmas and the New Year are on the horizon.  It’s a time of year when things not only get given – they are also lost and accidentally destroyed.

So, it may be worth thinking about iPhone insurance before it’s too late!

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