Get The Most From Firefox

by PYB James | Aug 01, 2010

Firefox has gone from being a niche player a few years ago to a present-day browsing powerhouse that accounts for around 30% of the web browser market.

There are literally thousands of add-ons available for Firefox created by developers all over the globe who have identified the needs of the modern user. They have designed add-ons to enhance their online experience. Although creating a comprehensive list will be almost impossible, we have identified some of the best available that you can use almost every day.

Personas Plus Persona Plus is Firefox’s answer to Google Themes. After installing the add-on, you can choose from over 100,000 different browser themes, ranging from games to music to sports to movies. Selecting a new theme doesn't even require a restart and the themes can be selected by either visiting the Personas Plus Website or through Firefox itself. Video Download Helper

Any seasoned YouTube user will tell you that there is plenty of great content to be streamed, but what about downloaded? Some sites will let you download their video, but if there is no download option then you need, Video Download Helper. When you've navigated to a page that has a video you want to download, simply go into Tools and follow the menu until you see the video name.

Xmarks Do you browse across multiple PCs? Perhaps between your work desktop, home laptop and when you visit an internet cafe on holiday. The problem is that you need a different set of bookmarks on each machine which can be frustrating. This is where you need Xmarks. After creating a free user account, simply install the Xmarks add-on onto any machine you have that has Firefox. After logging in, the software will quickly load your bookmarks and passwords and keep them up to date and synced whenever you close the browser. Yoono

Social networking has now become the unofficial epicentre of the Internet. From Facebook to Twitter to MySpace and LinkedIn, most of your time online is consumed by keeping up with your friends. Instead of juggling all of your different social networking accounts at once Yoono can handle the mess for you. Simply download the Yoono add-on, fill in your username and password for the appropriate Websites and services, and Yoono takes care of the rest. You can either send out one status update to all your services or pick and choose what messages go where. Yoono also works with chat clients like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and Gtalk.

TV-Fox Do you like streaming on your laptop? TV-FOX allows you to take live TV with you wherever you go. After installing the add-on, TV-FOX gives you access to live TV in dozens of countries and hundreds of channels. While the picture quality won’t outdo a Plasma TV, it's a great way to catch up on live TV when you can't get to an actual TV set.

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