Insure your Apple iPhone for peace of mind

by PYB James | Nov 01, 2010

Many people love their iPhone and would hate to see anything happen to it – but it can happen.  If it does, your interests may be protected if you have iPhone insurance in place.

To see what an iPhone insurance policy covers, it is necessary to look at it in some detail. Not all providers offer the same benefits and typically their terms and conditions will vary.

However, you may find that some policies will typically offer financial protection against:

  • theft;
  • breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period;
  • accidental damage or destruction (that may include liquid damage in the case of some insurance providers);
  • loss (typically available as an optional extra).Great as that may appear, some providers may go even further and offer to replace your iPhone within 48 hours of your claim being approved and extend their cover to include use of your phone outside of the UK.

All mobile phone insurance suppliers will typically ask you to comply with certain conditions if they’re to maintain their cover in effect.

In the case of iPhone insurance cover, those may include:

  • to keep your iPhone in a locked and secure location when unattended;
  • to report any theft to the police within 24 hours and to obtain a crime number as evidence that you did so;
  • not to tamper with the iPhone (breakages due to such tampering typically will not be covered by the policy).

To fully comply with these conditions, you would need to adopt a number of commonsense behaviours including things such as:avoid leaving your iPhone on tables or bars in public locations while you go off elsewhere;

  • not lend your iPhone to other people – even if they are good friends;
  • don’t leave it unattended in your own home if you have (e.g.) a party going on or visitors you’re not familiar with.

IPhone 4 insurance is typically, relatively modestly priced and the costs may seem incidental in terms of the peace of mind achieved.  Remember, if you don’t have that iPhone insurance and a disaster arises, you’ll be potentially writing out a large cheque to replace your phone.

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