iPad 2 – International Launch

by PYB James | Mar 01, 2011

The new version of Apple’s star iPad was launched in the UK and much of the rest of the world on 25th March.

Like all good technology launches, there were queues of gadget hungry aficionados throughout the preceding nights, just so they can be the first to get their hands on the new, must-have lump of Apple genius.

The flagship store in Regent Street opened its doors at 9.00am to hoards of fans, eager to own the new, dual camera, ultra thin iPad. But were those fans disappointed? Rumours of supply chain issues were quashed by sources at Apple, who insist that their stocks would be available as soon as the store opened on Friday. Nevertheless, such rumours always served to fuel the enthusiasm and impatience of the devotees, promising lines of tents and sleeping bags in the early hours. And soup.

The new iPad boasts huge improvements over its predecessor, including Facetime – a video chat app which runs over Wi-Fi, Garageband, Apples entry-level (but nonetheless very powerful) music recording and sequencing package, HD video recording, and the new ultra-thin, lighter design.

Protect your bubble, the leading iPad insurance provider, were there on the day to help you make sure that your new ‘baby’ would be protected from accidental damage, loss, and theft. One of the worst things that could happen to your new iPad 2 is for you to accidentally break it as soon as you get it, so for around 16p a day, Protect your bubble provides the best value iPad insurance, giving you a brand new replacement within just 48 ours of a successful claim.

The iPad 2 prices have yet to be officially announced, but are expected to mirror the pre-reduction price range of the iPad 1, which saw a significant cut at the announcement of the iPad 2.

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