iPad, the new Notebook?

by PYB James | Nov 01, 2010

If you have an iPad, if might be sensible to think about protecting your investment through an iPad insurance policy. However, if you’re wondering whether to buy an iPad or a Notebook, the position’s a lot trickier.

Many people are rightly pleased with their Notebook and regard it as a ‘serious’ piece of Information Technology equipment. By serious, they mean that it is conventionally designed for use with things such as ‘real’ keyboards, spreadsheets and a host of other functions not (in theory) supported by the iPad.

Although it’s not often openly expressed, it’s not hard to get the impression when reading some articles that the Notebook devotees perhaps still think of the iPad as something of a frivolous novelty.

Now it’s possible to have a very big debate about the technical performance and operating systems of the two device types but one thing is clear. The iPad is a hugely powerful gadget – particularly in the top-end specs. It does receive a lot of publicity as a gaming, social networking and recreation platform but it’s also clearly capable than an awful lot more than that.

Some iPad users have already been heard talking about Notebooks in almost dinosaur-like terms.

So, what’s the reality?

In theory, the design, build and technical capabilities of the Notebook are more geared towards demanding business computing than are the iPad’s. In the short to medium term, in theory, the marketplace should have room for both of them

The problem is though, current sales statistics appear to be showing a decrease in Notebook sales that appears to correlate to the sales increase in iPads*. This looks to be relatively firm evidence that the iPad is making large inroads into the Notebook users’ marketplace. It’s too early to say yet what this means but as the iPad grows and is enhanced to become ever more powerful, more of this battle is likely to emerge.

Keep in mind though that iPads are vulnerable and iPad insurance might be a good idea. In fact, the same applies to many electronic devices where not only iPad insurance is available but cover for things such as PDAs and cameras also – plus of course the Notebook!




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