iPhone 7 is yet to land and the rumour mill for iPhone 8 has already begun

by Corinne Webb | Jul 07, 2016

In September last year, tech-heads and technophobes alike were party to the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus.

Hot on its heels was the iPhone SE, which strode onto the stage in March 2016, providing a viable iOption for those whose pockets weren’t quite big enough to accommodate the 6 Plus’ larger display and bigger price tag.

I know what you’re thinking… March feels like a distant memory. When will we get our next hit? Can two new releases in six months really be enough? We want another iPhone, and we want it now!

It’s become customary for the Apple rumour mill for their next device to begin just moments after a launch. iPhone 7-based whispering kicked off in as soon as the iPhone 6 and has been going strong ever since, even overlapping with the iPhone SE release.

The current plan involves unveiling a major iPhone upgrade every other year, with a slightly updated remodel issued to keep us occupied in the interim. But the latest news from Apple HQ is that the flagship model reveal will now take place every three years instead of every second.

Next in line and approaching in a hurricane of excitement as usual, the iPhone 7 looks set to continue the same-same trend.

It’s rumoured the screen size will match the 6 and 6 Plus options and casing updates will be restrained to the removal of antenna bands across the back of the handset – essentially it’ll look very similar to the last model.

Exciting new additions are said to include a “dual camera”, which would bump photograph quality up to SLR levels, and a smart connector which could sync the phone with other devices. It’s hard to see how useful it would be to carry around a mini keyboard with your phone, but ‘smart connecting’ to audio docks, for example, might make a real difference.

There was also some controversy about the exclusion of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which could have the double-edged impact of facilitating a slimmer body, and driving consumers crazy.

The headphones were said to connect instead via the Lightning port (Lightning-compatible EarPods are already available) but this whisper has since been quashed and we’re expecting to see the good ol’ headphone jack in its rightful place.

Then there’s the iPhone 8. 2017 is said to deliver a real glimpse of the future in the form of an all-glass iPhone. Now that is pretty cool!

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