5 professions you can have a go at now you have an iPhone

by SiteAdmin1 | Jul 05, 2013

It seems as if there is an app for almost anything, making it far easier for you to access the information and resources you need to do just about everything you desire. Whether you fancy yourself as an amateur Film Director or aspire to be the next Jamie Oliver, there are apps available to you to help you along the way. Below we review the top 5 professions that you can have a go at yourself with the help of your iPhone and some useful apps.

Student with iPhone

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5 iPhone enabled professions:

1.  Film Director

These days you can do far more than just film your pet dog doing something cute or your friends singing bad karaoke after a few drinks. You can actually create an entire movie with your iPhone. The iPhone5 allows you to cut edit and create a story from the images that you video. There are also a whole range of apps and accessories available to you to help you make the most of your creative flair. Available for £2.99 'iMovie' allows you to make amazing HD movies anywhere in a variety of different themes. You can even create movie trailers and then share the finished product with your friends or a much wider audience straight from iMovie. If you are serious about film making then we review the best iPhone and video accessories also.

2. Your own Personal Trainer

‘Lose It’ is a great iPhone App that does just what your personal trainer used to be employed to do: Motivates you on a daily basis to burn off the fat and lose the excess weight. This app can be programmed to your needs and will help you reach the weight loss goal set by yourself. Inside the app are suggested challenges, a food calorie tracker and forums where you can talk to others about their weight loss as well to find new motivation to keep you on track. Not only is it a fantastic app, but it’s also free, so it's your waistline that feels the pinch and not your pocket!

3. Travel agent

Rumour has it that ‘WorldMate’ is one of the best apps for all travel management requirements. With this app you can centralise and view all of your pertinent travel information from meetings, accommodations and any other travel options. With this free app you can organize flights, hotels, meetings and transportation and share your itineraries with your social media networks so you can show off your travel plans to your friends. Once you have planned your trip you can forward your itinerary to friends and family too. Just forward your airline, hotel, and car rentals travel reservations to trips@worldmate.com, and you're good to go (once you've bought your Travel Insurance of course).

4. Chef

Forget cookbooks, or note cards thrown around the kitchen with handwritten recipes listed on them. As long as you have a smart phone, you can keep track of your favourite recipes on an easy to read and see platform by using Epicurious.com's  free app. This great kitchen companion allows access to over 30,000 recipes and enables food lovers to search for professionally created and tested recipes. You can make interactive shopping lists, follow step-by-step stove-side instructions, and sync to your online Recipe Box so that you can have a go at creating professional dishes in your own home.

5. Bicycle Mechanic

What is a good cyclist without an efficient bike running in a great condition? so, your iPhone isn't going to make you a trained mechanic, but the ‘Bike Doctor’ app helps you to understand the most common problems that can be encountered in your bike, followed by an easy step by step guide to prevent them, ensuring quality maintenance in the long run. If your bike still comes across a problem then Bike Doctor can be referred to for simple to understand steps along with pictures on how to get rid of whatever problem there is. This comprehensive bike maintenance and repair guide has the trust of over fifteen thousand users which grant it enthusiastic five star reviews. Pair this with great Bicycle Insurance and you will be set to deal with any setbacks you may encounter.


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